WHI-1206 | Keeping Our Kids, Part 1

Sunday, 18 May 2014

This week on the White Horse Inn, Dr. Michael Horton talks with Greg Koukl and Brett Kunkle from Stand to Reason about various strategies of passing the faith on to the next generation. Brett Kunkle discusses how his own crisis of faith during his first semester of college influences his distinctive approach toward youth ministry. Listen in as they think through questions that often plague young people when they hear criticisms of Christianity for the first time… “What did that make you think, as you were hearing [your professor’s] objections and you had never heard these before? Did it make you think, what are my parents and my pastor trying to hide? Why haven’t I heard these things in the church? Is there something we have to be afraid of?”

“I think our students should first hear the atheists’ arguments from us, while they’re in our midst, not wait ‘till they’re a thousand miles away, on a college campus by themselves, disconnected from the body of Christ… but when they’re with us. What we want to do is present to them the strongest case that atheism or skepticism can provide, and then show them that even that fails. And that’s the way to inoculate them. What we can show is a kind of healthy fearlessness. We have nothing to be afraid of, if what we believe is actually true.”
– Brett Kunkle
Apologetics attempts to render the Christian faith persuasive to the contemporary individual. For unbelievers, it is belief forming; it helps to defuse attacks upon Christianity, and to establish Christianity as credible by giving intellectual support to the explanatory value of a biblical world view. For believers, it is belief sustaining; it nurtures Christian faith by calling believers to love their Lord with their minds (Matt. 22:37).
(From Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, 2nd Ed., s.v. “apologetics”)

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