Hosanna in the Highest

Thursday, 28 Mar 2013

Is the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, a man known to the public, whom witnesses saw tried, beaten, crucified, and buried–is his Resurrection from the dead fact or fiction? This is the central question of Christianity. Every other question pales in significance, because unless Jesus is really raised from the dead, then all else is vain: all of our morals, all of our good ideas, all of our philosophies, all of our behavior, all of our hopes and dreams. None of it matters if Christ is not risen.


As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, we invite you to prepare your own heart for worship by listening to this special lecture from Mike Horton in which he gives evidences for the Resurrection. We’ve also included below a list of other important resources to help you talk with unbelieving friends and family members about the most important claim of Christianity: He is risen!


[audio:https://www.whitehorseinn.org/mp3/horton-resurrection_evidences.mp3|titles=Horton-Resurrection Evidences|artists=White Horse Inn]
Click here to access the audio file directly




Free Resources:


    • Hope you are enjoying the John Series – which comes to its final conclusion on EASTER Sunday: The Gospel of John






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