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Sunday, 20 Feb 2011



Mysteries of God and Means of Grace
Michael Horton
Why Baptism?
W. Robert Godfrey
Your Own Personal Jesus
Michael Horton
WHI Discussion Group Questions
PDF Document


The Gospel Commission
Michael Horton
Water, Word & Spirit
J.V. Fesko
A Better Way
Michael Horton


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  • 20 Feb 2011
    Jerry says:

    I just finished listening to your podcast. I have been a regular listener since it was recommended to me while attending a Calvary Chapel in Seattle during the 1990s and where I could no longer understand their desire to follow another pope, some years later.

    This is probably the best contextual evangelical program I have heard in that time and have a couple of former broadcasts linked on the website under St. Paul’s Mission.

    As I was sitting in church this morning, during the offertory a very young girl was sing a song about God’s love. I had to smile as I realized the grace of God passes from generation to generation, most of it lost or beyond our contemporary understanding.

    In recent years I have discovered on my dad’s mother’s side of the family, they were direct immigrants from Wittenberg, Germany in the 1850s. On my mother side her grandmother nailed shut the door on the pioneer shared church door so that the other denominations could not use the facility.

    For most of my life I was unaware that any of this history existed and that I was just a random product of Christianity, but the true gospel does not result of random acts of kindness and emotion, but rather is a gift of God’s continual grace shown to all of mankind.

  • 20 Feb 2011
    Thomas says:

    Just wanted to stop and say thank you guys for what you’re doing. I love your podcasts and they’re a great stimulation and encouragement. Thank you all, and thanks Dr. Horton for the wonderful conference in ’08 on the means of grace at our church in Douglasville. 🙂

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