Upcoming Topics

Creeds, Councils, and Heretics

December 21, 2015

What are the historic creeds of the Christian church, and why are they important even in our own day? What were the heresies that the ancient church addressed in the various creeds and councils? Who were some of these early heretics and what were their views about the nature of God or the person and work of Jesus Christ? Michael Horton discusses these questions and more with Justin Holcomb, author of two new books introducing these issues, Know the Creeds and Councils and Know the Heretics.

The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

December 28, 2014

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is he a person or a force? How do we know that he is divine and separate from both the Father and the Son? In some biblical texts he is described as "the Comforter," but is that really an adequate translation? On this program, the hosts will discuss the person and work of the Holy Spirit as they conclude our series on the Trinity.