Upcoming Topics

Brand Me

September 6, 2015

In today’s consumer culture, the customer is king. But do all our consumer preferences end up determining our identity? What if our desires and preferences have been shaped and manipulated by a culture of marketing? Who are we then? On this program, the hosts will introduce this new White Horse Inn series as they explore issues related to personal identity in an age of consumerism and self-expression.

Generation Me

September 13, 2015

Who are millennials, and how is their basic outlook on life different from preceding generations? According to some studies, the period in which you were born has more influence on your personality than the parents who raised you. What are the implications of this, and how do generational differences relate to the concept of personal identity? Mike discusses these issues and more with Jean Twenge, professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and author of Generation Me.

You Are Not Your Own

September 20, 2015

In the ancient world, if someone wished to free a slave, he would first have to pay the redemption price. In the same way, Paul says to those who have been redeemed by Christ, “You are not your own, but were bought with a price” (1Cor 6:19-20). The hosts will discuss the implications of this idea as they continue their series, Brand Me.

Same-Sex Attraction

September 27, 2015

What should we think about the issue of same-sex attraction? Is it essentially the same as being gay? How does the issue of sexual preference relate to our identity as Christians, and how are we to talk about our differences with others in a world that is increasingly accepting of homosexuality and same-sex marriage? On this program, Michael Horton discusses these issues with Sam Allberry, author of Is God Anti-Gay?