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Dear White Horse Inn Staff,

I recently graduated college and I just wanted to thank all of you for the great work that you are doing in spreading the Gospel. I always called myself a Christian and really believed that I was doing God's work by just being a nice person. I was focused on things that I could do for God and very rarely thought about what He had already done for me! Only in some holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, would I ever remember the work that He did, the sacrifice He made, and all of that for me! I was trapped in my own thoughts, always looking out for what I could do in order to "improve my relationship with God". I was foolish thinking I was a better Christian than others at church.

A friend of mine told me about your program and told me that I should check it out. I was still in college at that time and thought " I really want to listen to this program? I have so many other things to do!" I really didn't. For some reason I decided to listen in last November, but I did not fully understand the program so I let it go for some time. Then, I decided to listen to it last February and I was hooked. The theme you picked and the discussions on the program could not have come at a better time for me. I was feeling tired, and thought I was not doing enough to work on my own salvation. I was shaken up just by listening to you guys speak. Many times I wanted to contest what you were saying about justification. I always believed that my deeds would save me, and then reality hit me. Since then I have been reading my Bible and not looking at it simply as a "guideline" but as the actual word of God and the promise He has given to those whom He called. It took me a while to understand that I was saved because of the sacrifice that Christ made.

The church I often go to is one that does not proclaim the Gospel as it should be proclaimed. Someone once told me that the Gospel there is more like "Gospel-lite", somethings are better off not said. I completely disagree now, but I know why some prefer to avoid the topic of sin and God's righteousness. I do not go there regularly but I do know the pastor is very approachable. I hope to talk to him one day soon and just ask simple questions about the message he gives out every week to the members. I am concerned about his approach to the Gospel, and more concerned at the fact that he seems to care most of all about the church attendance ratings. Often times he calls on the members to bring their friends so that they listen to God's word, but he is not fully doing that with the members that are already present. It really makes me sad, to the point that I am in tears when I think about it. I pray that this situation will change but at the same time I want to find another church and I am searching, but in a small town in Massachusetts there are not many options of Reformed churches.

I pray that you will continue to do God's work, and that as people like me listen in to your program their ears might be opened to His word. Thank you and keep it up!

In Him,
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