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How Reformed Theology and the White Horse Inn have helped me:

After 30+ years of "Christian" and "secular" psychological therapy to deal with things like: Post Traumatic Stress, Abandonment Issues, Co-dependency, Panic Attacks, Depression, Borderline Personality Syndrome, Bulimia, Wanting a Divorce, Fear of Flying... (These terms seem so strange to me now) I began to learn about some of the Reformed doctrines through the White Horse Inn, R.C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, et al, and I am sucking it up like a dry sponge.

I said goodbye to my "Christian Therapist" telling him that now that I understand that "I am desperately wicked", and that God has taken care of that in Christ, I don't need to "protect myself" from all of those "abusers" and "scapegoaters" anymore. I am just as guilty as they are! He couldn't understand why that would comfort me :)

BTW, I just had to sign-up as an Architect because I am so grateful for your work, and I love those extended versions and Bonus Tracks. (And it's a lot cheaper than psychological therapy!)

Linda -California

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