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Subject: Thank You

I want to thank WHI for your weekly program. Your show is a weekly reminder of how we all ought to keep Christ as central in our lives and ministries.

I am a Chaplain in the Air Force recently back from Iraq. While there I received probably the best compliment any pastor could get. After preaching at one of our contemporary Christian services shortly after arriving in Iraq, a troop came over to me and said with eyes full of tears, "Chaplain, I want to thank you. The chaplain before you told a lot of great stories, and gave a lot of great illustrations, and I learned a lot about Loony Toons and Bill Cosby. But you came and started talking about this Man named Jesus, and it was like having real Church again."

We always need to be reminded that people need Christ, not our stories. "We preach not ourselves". Thanks WHI for the weekly reminder!!

In Christ's service,
Ch Capt Joshua

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