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Thank you from the Staff of the White Horse Inn

All of the staff at the White Horse Inn would like to take a moment and thank all our listeners and supporters! Our vision is to see a rediscovery of Reformation theology in the context of contemporary Christian thought and practice. We exist to persuade Christians to inform and embrace Reformation Theology - we want you to "know what you believe and why you believe it." We are encouraged we are making a difference when we receive letters like these:

From: Mark
To: The Staff of the White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation

I grew up in and was catechized in a CRC/URC congregation and attended a Christian school from kindergarten through high school. I have been steeped in the Reformed tradition from my youth and I thank the Lord immensely for that. Even at a Reformed college I was presented with differing views and opinions to which I needed to respond. If there was something I could not give an answer to, my father was a phone-call or an e-mail away. Leaving college to go into the real world presented to me world-views and beliefs I had never been exposed to and more questions and situations were thrown at me. Just over a year after leaving college, my father, my "answer man," died. When situations arose, I was left to fend for myself and needed to find the resources to help me. I was leery of searching the Internet for help, but cautiously I did just that. I ran across articles from Modern Reformation magazine which included some written by Dr. Godfrey, Dr. Horton and Dr. Baugh, who I knew were professors at Westminster Seminary California. Therefore, I felt confident that I could trust those resources to help me deepen my understanding of the Reformed faith.

Since that time I found The White Horse Inn, which I listen to every week. Also, I currently subscribe to Modern Reformation. Those two resources alone have been very valuable in providing my friends and me the ability to dive into the Reformed faith and make it into something that we cherish and not just something we learned in catechism.

By studying God's Word with the help of Modern Reformation, and The White Horse Inn I have been able to make the Reformed tradition alive in my life.

From: Ed
To: staff *at*
Subject: Thanks for all the hard work!

I have a good friend who immigrated from India several years ago and who is "searching". His wife is a practicing Hindu and he is a very confused, but leaning toward Islam. His impression of Christianity encompass every modern error that we see in too many local congregations. We sat down one afternoon and listened to "The Person of Christ: A Matter of History or Faith? (program 840) and the bonus track "Apologetics, Theology & Legal Reasoning" by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. He was quite surprised that Christians can and should use their minds. We have listened to several other programs, examined scripture and have continued to have great conversations.

It is wonderful to have resources form people of different traditions who are united on the essentials and who are able to articulate our faith. I am often concerned that when I talk with people about the richness and depth of Christianity, they think that I am introducing them to some new interpretation of Christianity. I use the WHI and Modern Ref to show them that this is historic Christianity and I didn't dream it up. Your work is an outstanding resource!

Providentially, my friend has lost his driver's license for 6 months because of serious health conditions. He phoned me the other day and told me that he had bad news for me. He explained that he couldn't drive, so I asked him how that was bad news for me. He replied that because I was his friend, I would have to drive him around town. I responded that I would be happy to help him, but I listen to the WHI when I drive and I have no intention of turning it off. He said that that was no problem.

From: Darrell
To: The White Horse Inn

Thank you for helping me to realize how broken I am. I am a 22 yr old Southern Baptist Youth Pastor and I have never heard any of what you talk about on the White Horse Inn podcast until a reformed friend of mine started to question me and point me to your podcast. I feel that I have done a lot of damage to kids I have taught up until now and I pray that God keeps blessing your ministry.

From: Brian
To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Love the show

Thanks so much for WHI... I'm here in the Arabian Peninsula and your show is a wonderful spiritual encouragement for me to think more deeply about my faith and doctrine. I find myself repeating things I've heard on the show in my ministry with those around me from all different religious backgrounds.

From: Jeff
To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Thank you

Thank you, Dr. Horton and your staff, for your excellent broadcast on "Christless Christianity." You and your guests hit the nail squarely on the head. There is so much of this in today's church that it is difficult for believers to know where to turn. It was a great relief to hear your broadcast and to learn that our family and friends are not alone. We are hearing these things from the pulpit of our own church and have been troubled about it for some time, yet have found it difficult to clearly define or state why we were troubled. Please keep up the good work.

We think there are many believers like us who are trying to cope with this deluge of what I call the "hollow sermons" - the preacher says all the right things, and uses the right theological terminology, but the words are hollowed out shells with no meaning -- or at least no scriptural meaning -- behind them.

Thank you and may God bless your broadcast.


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