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Thank you from the Staff of the White Horse Inn

All of the staff at the White Horse Inn would like to take a moment and thank all our listeners and supporters! Our vision is to see a rediscovery of Reformation theology in the context of contemporary Christian thought and practice. We exist to persuade Christians to inform and embrace Reformation Theology - we want you to "know what you believe and why you believe it." We are encouraged we are making a difference when we receive letters like these:

To: staff *at*
Subject: Thank you so much

Hey Guys,

I just want to say thank you, I have been listening for some time now, and I really enjoy the show. I have grown a considerable amount.

I have grown up in Church my whole life, my father is a reformed pastor, I have believed since before I can remember, but until I started listening to you guys, I couldn't articulate many of the things that were in my mind.

And I think I have pinpointed why your show has helped me so much.

It's because I respect the opinions of the Mike and 'usual cast of characters.' I respect you because you treat me like an adult, you speak to me using words with more than two syllables. I hear others speak, and I feel like they are mocking me by dumbing everything down. Sure the majority of people now-a-days don't understand 'large words' but that's because they never hear them! It continuously baffles me that The Heidelberg Catechism was written for CHILDREN, in an age where few people could read. Now look at us.

Anyways, thanks for not making fun of the people who are genuinely looking for answers, and who want to learn the truth.


To: staff *at*

This year's episodes of the WHI continue to shake my theological tree... and it's a amazing but many in my family have also started to listen and are realizing the importance of having Christ crucified for sinners as the focus of our worship. I just wanted to continue to encourage you guys that what you are exposing in Evangelicalism is striking a cord with many many former fundamentalists and we are excited to find that Christ really can quench our thirst. We've been thirsty for so long!

Yesterday it finally struck me that I had been terrified that my daughter would not find Christianity or worship "fun" and that she would turn away from it... wow... that was really wrong. My wife and I decided to start reading and explaining scripture to her at night even though she finds it quite boring in comparison to her Barbie book. We asked her "do you like to eat?" She responded, "Yes". Then we explained that she needs to eat so she doesn't die... and so it is with her soul needing to eat God's Word so she doesn't die. Whether or not she finds him boring at 5 years old... Christ is our life. The manna from heaven.

The idea that Christianity has to be "fun"... where did that come from? We don't expect that at weddings, funerals, or graduation ceremonies do we? Or maybe we do now...

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Love in Christ,
Mark, Toledo OH

To: staff *at*
Subject: thank you

Michael, Kim, Ken, and Rod,

I want to thank all of you for the constant encouragement on The White Horse Inn.

I grew up in a Midwestern Baptist church, where we were constantly told to take a stand for Jesus. And against such worldly things as alcohol, rock & roll, and R-rated movies. But when I reached a question-asking age, I received few real answers.

I never lost faith in Christ, but certainly lost faith in Christians. Then my father suggested I listen to your interview of Scott Derrickson a few years ago, because of my interest in film. As I continued to listen the following weeks, I was amazed that there were articulate men speaking intelligently about the problems I saw in the churches around me.

God has definitely used your show to grow my desire for him and knowledge about him. And shown me that I need to be active in Christ's church and not merely tolerant.

Thanks very much,

To: staff *at*
Subject: Recent Broadcasts

Dear White Horse Inn Staff, All of You,

The last several broadcasts have been home runs that reached Massachusetts. Your relevant discussions inform me and affirm me in evangelizing the procession of people that I meet. Whether you were talking about the bookstore gospel, the personal relationship gospel, or the anti-intellectual gospel, it seemed that Divine insight was foreshadowing or following up on the people I was meeting. Time forbids my going on. Just please keep doing what you are doing.


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: I thank you

It's about 11:00 pm east coast time (north of Atlanta), but I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do through the White Horse Inn. The refreshing way you guys approach the Scriptures is not just enjoyable to listen to, but you all speak with authority and have opened the Bible to me in ways I have never known. I believe for the first time in my almost 15 years as a Christian that I have begun to more fully understand the big picture of the Bible and my faith because of your discussions and teachings through the White Horse Inn (and, oh yeah, Modern Reformation magazine). You guys have probably saved my faith from lapsing into Gnosticism and/or relativism by giving it real history, truth, and revelation that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the world's Savior. I receive the White Horse Inn CDs each month and they have become a cornerstone to sustaining my faith. Unfortunately, I am in an area where covenantal theology is not common or popular, but you guys I have given me hope again.



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