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Thank you from the Staff of the White Horse Inn

All of the staff at the White Horse Inn would like to take a moment and thank all our listeners and supporters! Our vision is to see a rediscovery of Reformation theology in the context of contemporary Christian thought and practice. We exist to persuade Christians to inform and embrace Reformation Theology - we want you to "know what you believe and why you believe it." We are encouraged we are making a difference when we receive letters like these:

To: The White Horse Inn

Dear Br. Mike/Family in CHRIST JESUS,

"Christian salutations Beloveds:) I trust you are well in the LORD'S ever merciful loving care:) i'm a prisoner...who LOVES the discussion of the W.H.I.; and have had the pleasure of STUDYING several issues of MR over the past 7 plus years. (Pass along my re. to Brs. Kim, Ken, and Rod too please:) All praise, honor and glory to YHWH!!!

I would appreciate it if y'all could bless us w/a gift subscription (I will most likely be serving the LORD here in prison for the rest of my life, due to my past sinful life-style) for as long as y'all can do so. I just read: MR; vol. 17, no. 3; May/June 2008 that another prisoner had (and PROVIDENTIIALLY enough...I just happened to be totin' a 1999 issue re. "hermeneutics" to our BRAND NEW "Protestant Christian Doctrine" [PCD] we exchanged MRs:) Please start with: MR; vol. 17 no. 3; May/Jun 2008.

Also, i LOANED my copy of MR, re. SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY to a guy a few years ago...however, he never returned same (that was one of my KEEPERS (for topics that come up YEAR AFTER YEAR).... If y'all have an extra copy of that one, I'd appreciate it if you would send us one of those, too...i'd appreciate it if y'all would also send me reg. updates on the upcoming topics of the W.H.I. I only see guys fr. Other parts of the prison once every two weeks; plus I'd like to have some Brethren in the sts. tune in to various segments.

Speaking of which, if y'all'd please send a comp. CD of the most recent 2 part series on: "American-Pelagianism" :( to these Brethren, i/they would appreciate it. (:We aren't allowed CD, nor tape players day I may get moved to another facility, and this is one of the first messages I'd like to listen to and share.

Personally? As i was sharing we recent acquaintance: "Simply put, i'm a Christian of the historical reformed faith; I concur 100% w/the London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689 - i re. to those 32 points of doctrine it presents."

The HOLY SPIRIT just opened up the door (first time since this prison has been standing in the past 100+ years) for a Protestant Christian doctrine class (PCD). IT IS THE BEST CLASS WE'VE EVER HAD HERE! AND WE WILL BE TEACHING THE DOCTRINES' OF YHWH'S FREE AND SOVEREIGN GRACE, AND THEN SOME!! All praise, honor and glory be to YHWH!!!"

Keep the faith Brethren; Jude remain in my humble prayers...

To: staff *at*
Subject: Gratitude for Intelligent Discussion of Important Subjects

Thank you for helping me to think more clearly, precisely, and deeply about the major issues facing Christians today. I recently discovered your show on the internet and have also browsed the archives of both White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation. My wife and I often listen to your program in the evening, once the children are in bed, instead of watching some mindless movie. We live in Canada, where there are no stations that carry your program (believe me, there's a fair size market north of you), so we listen over the internet.

By the way, the title WHI is brilliant! I've read Marcus Loans's book Masters of the English Reformation and his account of those first reformers gathering at the White Horse Inn around Master Bilney to discuss the 'new ideas' about faith in Christ made me want to be there too. Your show is the next best thing. Both WHI and Modern Reformation are superb. Your material, especially the talk show, has aided the growth of my faith in Christ as your discussions give a reasonable explanation of biblical truths. Not only that, but you guys take the time to carefully situate your discussion within the context of the history of ideas. Unbelievable! You actually talk about Kant, Hegel, and the other big boys of philosophy, thus proving that Christians are able to bring their faith to bear on the world of ideas and remain unscathed. We don't need to be like the fundementalists and retreat from the world of ideas.

Since I was converted, I have lamented how mindless modern Christianity seems to be. American evangelicalism does seem to be blithely, robustly, and vehemently anti-intellectual. I've read C. Peter Wagner's, Rick Warren's, and Bill Hybel's books on church growth. It's almost all method with only the thinnest, most vapid layer of theology tacked on--was doctrine an afterthought? Until I started reading Reformed theology and listening to WHI, I wondered why that was the case. Now I understand that these guys are the inheritors of Finney's system that stresses numerical results over sound doctrine, feeling over reason, and personal experience over scriptural witness. The modern Church is in the grips of historical and theological amnesia. Scary stuff. No wonder pelagianism is creeping into our churches. The people--and way too many ministers!--haven't got a clue what this heresy is, so how can they detect it in their own thoughts and in the life of their congregation?

Thank you for reminding us of our truly outstanding intellectual heritage. The Reformation was, among other things, a burst of the best kind of enlightenment--the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4.6).

By the way, I made available 25 copies of Michael Horton's essay 'Christless Christianity' to our congregation. They were snatched up. I warned people that they would need to put on their thinking caps while reading it. Inspired, I wrote a short article on Christ as our propitiation. It, too, was snatched up. I had earlier preached on the subject of propitiation and a women who had always been a church-going Christian complained that I was using big words that she'd never heard before! In response, I wrote the article pointing out that propitiation is a central part of the biblical story. It's in the Bible. Why hadn't she heard this before now? What had the ministers before me been preaching for the last fifty-five years? Reformed theology in general and the WHI in particular have made sense of why doctrine has fallen by the wayside. Thanks and God bless.


To: staff *at*
Subject: Just thought you might like to know...

There was a time in my life when the furthermost thing from my mind was whether or not I had a right relationship with Christ (and I'm not talking about a "Personal Relationship"). I loved sin but didn't mind going to church because it gave others the impression that I was a good person which in turn made me feel better about myself. All of the churches I've attended preached "seeker-sensitive topical" sermons whether they know it or not. So, I sat through message after message hearing their take on the concept of "once saved always saved" without a biblical explanation of salvation and several sermons filled with cliches and humor. So, Jesus and all things Christian became more of a fashion accessory than anything else. I talked like the world, walked like the world, and acted like the world, but at the end of the day I thought I was "born-again."

I didn't know that I was dead in my trespasses. I assumed that I was saved because I quoted the words that some pastor prayed (and I believed that I meant it). Unknowingly, I was ignoring the Reformation insight into the nature of justification. I thought I was what some Baptist have been known to call a "carnal Christian." I didn't know that this was a contradiction in terms at the time. I didn't know that you cannot be a genuine Christian and live in continuous carnality and unrepentant sin because it simply wasn't preached in from the pulpit. Everything changed when I stumbled across the White Horse Inn broadcast.

Now, I know the importance of being in and raising my daughter in a Reformed church (as defined by the great Reformed confessions) where we will hear the truth of God's Word preached from the pulpit with boldness. I am not the same person I was four years ago because I turned to Christ and not just away from my self-centered life. Moreover , I am not the same person I was a month ago because of what I've learned form Mike Horton and the guys on WHI. I am now dedicated to living a style of life that is concerned about the will of the Father. And, I am excited about learning more and more Reformed Theology.

Also, we haven't received anything in the mail yet, but we've decided to become partners (Architects) with WHI because it has not only changed our perspective, it has changed our lives. Keep on proclaiming the true gospel.

Thank you so much,
Jessica Jacobson

PS - We found an ARP church and will begin worshiping there this Lord's Day!

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: For Michael Horton

I want to begin by showing my utter gratitude to you, Ken, Rod and Kim. I have learned more from you men (including R.C. Sproul) than I have in my entire seminary education. No exaggeration. The substantive theological discussions on the White Horse Inn are truly remarkable. I know you're thinking this is basic Christianity, however, our Churches have all but lost them. You men have challenged me intellectually, theologically and spiritually. I can't thank God enough for people like you, bastions of truth, uncompromising in conviction. I simply want you to be encouraged; you are touching the lives of young and old, pastors and laypersons alike. KEEP GOING!

I also wanted to inform you that the WHI has inspired me to finish my Seminary education with writing a thesis on Brian Mclaren and specifically his perspective on Justification. I want to pursue a Ph.D and teach one day, hence my thesis. I also am captivated at the loss of substitutionary atonement in modern "evangelicalism." It's almost become a peripheral issue, one that's important but not absolutely necessary. Unbelievable!

Again, I want to thank you and encourage you to hold tenaciously to the truths of God, for without them we are miserable and lost.

Pressing on,

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Testimonial

The White Horse Inn is the finest apologetic program anywhere. The presentation of "knowing what you believe and why you believe it" is superb. Dr. Horton could use lofty terminology, but speaks plainly with his fellow panelists in terms the laity understands. Fight on gentlemen!

David - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


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