Defend the Faith

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Can you defend the truth claims of Christianity?

Many people today tend to think of religious faith as a blind leap, something that is opposed to facts and reason.  Do you know how to counter that point of view? Can you bear witness to the basic truth claims of the Christian faith?  “Defend the Faith” is packed with 30 extended length editions of White Horse Inn plus extensive bonus material covering basic apologetics, the reliability of Scripture, and the exclusive claims of Christianity, history, archeology, science, and apologetic methods. This CD will help you “know what you believe and why you believe it" by equipping you to defend your faith and give an answer for the hope that is in you.

Our vision is to see a modern reformation in our churches through a rediscovery of God, the gospel, and the classic Christian confessions. Over the past twenty years, as we’ve grown more hopeful that such a reformation is possible, we’re putting our time and resources to work toward this.

This CD contains:

  • White Horse Inn episodes that will give you:
  • …an Apologetics Overview to the issues of our age
  • …evidence for the Reliability of Scripture
  • …the basis for the Exclusive Claims of Christianity
  • …updates on the latest work being done in History and Archeology
  • …insight into the current debates about God and Science
  • …information on Christianity and Islam
  • …examples of apologetics Method and Practice
  • Special bonus interviews with R. C. Sproul, Richard Bauckham, Paul Maier, Ravi Zacharias, and more!
  • Modern Reformation articles by Michael Horton, Shane Rosenthal, Kim Riddlebarger, William Edgar, Starr Meade, John Warwick Montgomery, Doug Powell, and David Zahl.

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Special Message from Mike Horton

Dear Friends of the INN,

Hello, I am working as a missionary in Chandigarh among the Sikh-dominated region in North India. I am blessed after reading your materials in Modern Reformation. I just feel that that is really the need of the hour—to rediscover and teach the true biblical principles in this day and age we are living in. God bless you.

Encouraging stories like this one arrive at White Horse Inn daily from many of the millions in over 180 countries who have been transformed by truth.

One of the things about our tagline is that it’s actually narrower than the effect that we see. Of course, helping Christians to “know what they believe and why they believe it” is a big deal. However, it’s not just about more or better data. It’s not just about information. It’s about transformation. By God’s grace, we’ve been allowed to actually play a role in these transformations for nearly 25 years. Thank you for your prayers and support! The cost is significant to create, distribute, and share this message. We wouldn’t be able to continue without people like you.

For the past year, the senior staff and the board of directors at White Horse Inn have been brainstorming how we might more effectively serve and encourage believers and pastors in the local church, particularly overseas. We have held numerous workshops and received great advice from many trusted friends. We are asking God to help us extend the influence of White Horse Inn to new frontiers.

You may remember, I recently had the privilege of meeting with leaders of gospel-preaching churches in Indonesia, Germany, and Brazil. Some of the funds that you contributed last winter allowed our president, Mark Green, to travel to Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Malta to meet with pastors and academic leaders to explore how White Horse Inn could be helpful to them and their congregations in the future. Our dream of taking WHI overseas is actually taking shape! We were able to leave WHI materials in these countries and promised to review future possibilities.

I hope this brief report gives you an idea of how, with the right funding, we have the opportunity to expand the work of the past 25 years and build the foundation for the next 25 years. We are most excited about opportunities in India and a few select countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Our ability to put our plans in motion is now dependent on the generous donations we receive. Thank you for your prayers and support as we pursue more effective ways to distribute our materials to our ever-widening audience. The need is great, especially where sound teaching is limited. Will you help us help people around the world know what they believe and why they believe it?

In Christ,

Michael Horton
Host, White Horse Inn
Editor-in-chief, Modern Reformation

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