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Theologia et Apologia gathers together eighteen essays, written by a wide range of scholars, on Reformation theology and its defense. Orthodox theology, grounded in the Scriptures, calls humanity to believe. This same theology must also be presented and defended to a world that has often not attended to its vital message. Collectively, these essays teach and defend the biblical theology articulated during the Reformation and still today. They address topics including the inspiration, canon, and interpretation of Scripture, Reformation era developments, classic and modern apologetics, and other topics. This helpful book, honoring Rod Rosenbladt, a notable theologian and apologist, is a welcome addition to the library of any thinking Christian.

Rod Rosenbladt is Professor of Theology and Christian Apologetics at Concordia University Irvine. He is one of the cohosts of the nationally syndicated radio program, The White Horse Inn.

Contributors: Eric Casteel, Alfonso O. Espinosa, Adam S. Francisco, Michael Horton, Korey D. Maas, Charlie Mallie, Jeffrey Mallinson, Angus Menuge, John Warwick Montgomery, Steven P. Mueller, Steven R. J. Parks, Craig A. Parton, Mark A. Pierson, John T. Pless, Kim Riddlebarger, Rick Ritchie, R. C. Sproul, Daniel van Voorhis

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