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Feasting with Christ
September / October 2014

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"In this Issue"

By: Ryan Glomsrud

"Let love be genuine… Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality" (Rom. 12:9-13). "Let brotherly love continue. Read more

"The Invitational Life :Extending the Hospitality of Christ"

By: Chad Van Dixhoorn

It was the perfect meal plan: lunch for three with French fries and chicken pot pies—a two dollar lunch that even I could cook. Read more


"Church Is Family"

By: John N. Day

For good or for ill, we live in a postmodern age.  Among the many facets of this paradigm shift are a suspicion of order and objectivity, truth and reason, tradition and institutions; and the church has often devolved into this very institutionalism: with its rigid and distant authority structures, its attachment to traditions, its passion for reason at the expense of relationships, and its contentment with systemic hypocrisy (to name but a few). Read more