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Is Water Thicker than Blood?
May/June 2015

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"In this Issue"

By: Eric Landry

Who were your most formative influences in life? What experiences have made you into the person you are today? Our families—in both their healthy and dysfunctional forms—continue to shape and reshape all of us well into our old age.  Read more

"The First Family: Outside the Home"

By: David VanDrunen

Almost every Christian will readily agree that the family is important.  Read more




"The Covenant Is a Framework For Life and Family"

By: William VanGemeren

The concept of the family is undercut in our society. Individualism and politically correct language have eroded the classic image of the family. While the "image" of the nuclear family is not necessarily biblical, there are forces that seek to destroy the family as an antiquarian relic of the Judeo-Christian legacy.  Read more