To: staff *at*
Subject: Thank you so much

Hey Guys,

I just want to say thank you, I have been listening for some time now, and I really enjoy the show. I have grown a considerable amount.

I have grown up in Church my whole life, my father is a reformed pastor, I have believed since before I can remember, but until I started listening to you guys, I couldn't articulate many of the things that were in my mind.

And I think I have pinpointed why your show has helped me so much.

It's because I respect the opinions of the Mike and 'usual cast of characters.' I respect you because you treat me like an adult, you speak to me using words with more than two syllables. I hear others speak, and I feel like they are mocking me by dumbing everything down. Sure the majority of people now-a-days don't understand 'large words' but that's because they never hear them! It continuously baffles me that The Heidelberg Catechism was written for CHILDREN, in an age where few people could read. Now look at us.

Anyways, thanks for not making fun of the people who are genuinely looking for answers, and who want to learn the truth.