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Thank you from the Staff of the White Horse Inn

All of the staff at the White Horse Inn would like to take a moment and thank all our listeners and supporters! Our vision is to see a rediscovery of Reformation theology in the context of contemporary Christian thought and practice. We exist to persuade Christians to inform and embrace Reformation Theology - we want you to "know what you believe and why you believe it." We are encouraged we are making a difference when we receive letters like these:

From: E-mail
Subject: WHI Story

We have a mobile car wash in the parking garage of our building, so I left my car for the guy to clean today. He called to say that he was done. I went to pay him and he mentioned that he listened to my WHI CD while he was cleaning my car and really liked it. He said his mom is a regular listener. He said that he is a sophomore at Liberty who is taking the semester off to make money for school. He said that most Christianity is very anti-intellectual and that WHI is a welcome change. I had about 20 or so WHI CD's that I had already listened to and gave them to him and told them to pass them out to his friends after he listened to them.


From: Facebook Message
Subject: Thank You

I want to thank WHI for your weekly program. Your show is a weekly reminder of how we all ought to keep Christ as central in our lives and ministries.

I am a Chaplain in the Air Force recently back from Iraq. While there I received probably the best compliment any pastor could get. After preaching at one of our contemporary Christian services shortly after arriving in Iraq, a troop came over to me and said with eyes full of tears, "Chaplain, I want to thank you. The chaplain before you told a lot of great stories, and gave a lot of great illustrations, and I learned a lot about Loony Toons and Bill Cosby. But you came and started talking about this Man named Jesus, and it was like having real Church again."

We always need to be reminded that people need Christ, not our stories. "We preach not ourselves". Thanks WHI for the weekly reminder!!

In Christ's service,
Ch Capt Joshua

To: webmaster *at* whitehorseinn.org

I want to compliment you on your newly remodeled home page. Love the photo, and the intro is very well said. I have been listening to you now for 4 years and so glad the Lord led me to your clear teaching discussions helping me to know the clear truth of what the Bible really says, clear doctrine, and rightly dividing the Word, and why I believe it. After listening to so many mixed up pastors and teachers that confused me ‘til I went nuts, you guys have made all the difference in my life. Thank you. I am always telling others about your site. Keep up the good work.(But don't get too fancy - we like you just the way you are!)

Sandy from Gresham, OR


To: testimonials *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: No More Therapy

How Reformed Theology and the White Horse Inn have helped me:

After 30+ years of "Christian" and "secular" psychological therapy to deal with things like: Post Traumatic Stress, Abandonment Issues, Co-dependency, Panic Attacks, Depression, Borderline Personality Syndrome, Bulimia, Wanting a Divorce, Fear of Flying... (These terms seem so strange to me now) I began to learn about some of the Reformed doctrines through the White Horse Inn, R.C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, et al, and I am sucking it up like a dry sponge.

I said goodbye to my "Christian Therapist" telling him that now that I understand that "I am desperately wicked", and that God has taken care of that in Christ, I don't need to "protect myself" from all of those "abusers" and "scapegoaters" anymore. I am just as guilty as they are! He couldn't understand why that would comfort me :)

BTW, I just had to sign-up as an Architect because I am so grateful for your work, and I love those extended versions and Bonus Tracks. (And it's a lot cheaper than psychological therapy!)

Linda -California

To: testimonials *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Thanks!

Dear WHI Staff,
I just wanted to say thanks so very much! I stumbled across your radio program in 2007 and through it God has changed my life. I was saved ten years ago, and until 2007 had only been exposed to non-reformed biblical teaching. I had formulated different thoughts about ministry and the Bible, but it wasn't until I started learning about the teaching of reformed theology, or should I say historic Christianity, that these thoughts were confirmed and expanded upon. I now attend a URCNA church, and LOVE the Heidelberg Catechism as a tool to understand the Bible better. Finally I found a Christianity that engages my mind, as well as my heart. God bless.

New England Listener


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