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An Introduction to White Horse Inn – 15th Anniversary Edition

Originally broadcast: November 6, 2006

1. Why Believe?

Originally broadcast: December 5, 2004

2. Pursuing Your Faith in a Follow Your Heart Culture

Originally broadcast: January 2, 2005

3. Christianity and American Culture

Originally broadcast: July 10, 2005

4. Seeking God

Originally broadcast: March 26, 2006

5. Guilt, Grace and Gratitude

Originally broadcast: May 21, 2006

6. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Originally broadcast: December 10, 2006

7. The Word Made Flesh

Originally broadcast: December 24, 2006

8. Biblical Ignorance

Originally broadcast: April 1, 2007

9. Christless Christianity

Originally broadcast: June 3, 2007

10. A Movie About Teenagers and God

Originally broadcast: August 26, 2007

11. Justification by faith Alone Through Grace Alone

Originally broadcast: Sept 16, 2007

12. Calling the Sheep to Become “Self-Feeders”

Originally broadcast: August 3, 2008

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