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Conversations for a Modern Reformation:
The White Horse Inn 2012 Cruise

Dear Cruise Participant,

Thank you for your patience! Here--at long last--are the four evening sessions from our Caribbean cruise this winter. I know that you've been eagerly awaiting them and I'm so glad that we're able to provide them to you now.

All of these lectures can be purchased in our store for $0.99 each!

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Rod Rosenbladt - "What Drove Luther's Hammer?"

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Kim Riddlebarger - "A Reformation Pilgrimage"

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Ken Jones - "Reforming a Church"

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Mike Horton - "For a Modern Reformation"

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Remember all that work we did on the cruise to formulate those theses for a Modern Reformation? Have you been itching to see what all of groups came up with as their theses? All of this work has been formulated into a single document and is available to you here as a PDF Theses for a Modern Reformation (8.0 MB PDF). Stay tuned to our Conversations Facebook page as we will begin posting the various sections for your interaction.

Do you remember taking the group photo in the ice arena? Here it is...
Click on the image for a higher-resolution version.

Thanks again for making this a truly memorable and hopefully first of many occasions for us to consider together the great work that God is doing in our time.

In Christ,
Eric Landry,
Executive Director

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