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Even Rod Dreher Gets It

From Rod Dreher at the American Conservative: We Orthodox, Catholics, and Reformed Christians can look down our noses all we like at charismatics and Evangelicals for not having a strong and systematic theology, but what good does our theological depth do us if we don’t teach our young people how to think as Christians, and […]

Unintended Consequences

A veteran youth minister evaluates the state of youth ministry and “big church”–he doesn’t like what he sees: We look at our youth group now and we feel good. But the youth group of today is the church of tomorrow, and study after study suggests that what we are building for the future is … […]

Generation Me and Youth Ministry Today (Part 2)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post on some of the concerns surrounding youth ministry as it is often practiced in Evangelicalism today. To read part one click here. Some Practical Suggestions for Ministering to Youth For those who may be weary of the extraordinary and want to invest more energy in rethinking how we […]

Generation Me and Youth Ministry Today (Part 1)

From books like Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, we were led to believe that this generation born after 1982 was more altruistic and socially-minded than baby boomers and Gen X’ers. Not so, according to a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education […]

Youth Ministry with Roots

Our friends at MockingbirdNYC connected us with Cameron Cole and the Rooted Conference, a gathering for youth ministry workers who want to speak truth and meaning into the lives of the young people in their care. Cameron and I corresponded a bit about the conference and what the hopes of the organizers are for it: […]