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Calvin on the Christian Life

“Be warned. This looks like a book on how Calvin thought about living the Christian life. But open it and you will discover that Mike Horton is driving you on a grand Calvin tour of the whole of theology. And that, of course, is Professor Horton’s (and John Calvin’s) point: it takes the whole biblical […]

We have a problem with bad religion too

One of the really encouraging things today is seeing people raised in “moralistic-therapeutic-deism” coming to understand and embrace the gospel. At the same time, the antithesis between “religion” and “grace” (or being “spiritual but not religious”) is still trapped in its own kind of moralism. It fails to recognize that Christ came to fulfill rather […]

Marriage, Church Membership, and the Gnostic Spring

What do the latest findings on marriage in America have to do with trends in church life? Plenty. Yesterday the Pew Research Center released its findings on the “obsolescence” of the marriage institution. Here are some of the notable stats: 1960: 72% of America’s adults were married; Today: 52% 1960: two-thirds of America’s twenty-somethings were […]