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Recovering Scripture – “How can I trust that the Bible is reliable?”

Michael Horton recently sat down and answered a few questions about Scripture: it’s reliability, interpretation, and application to our lives. We’ll be posting videos of his explanations through the end of the year. For more information on our Recovering Scripture campaign and for additional resources to help you “know and share what you believe and […]

Recovering Scripture: The Church’s Only Hope

I recently gave a talk where I walked through the arguments for the sufficiency of Scripture. It was amazing to me how few of the people—in a conservative evangelical church—had never heard anything on the subject. This is a problem. Roman Catholic apologists argue forcefully that the Bible is “the Church’s book.” Since the New […]

New MR Now Available!

The newest issue of Modern Reformation is in the mail to subscribers and available online.  The theme and title of the issue is Canon Formation.  Executive Editor, Dr. Ryan Glomsrud, explains the issue: “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” is one of those questions signaling an unanswerable conundrum. This issue takes up the […]