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Michael Spencer

Last night we received word that our internet friend and Modern Reformation contributor Michael Spencer (also known as the “internet Monk“) had finally succumbed to the cancer with which he had been diagnosed shortly before Christmas. ┬áMichael’s theological journey mirrored many of our own: raised in one tradition, he began to read more widely and […]

Art Auction to Help iMonk

Our friend Michael Spencer (also known as the Internet Monk) is dying of cancer. Michael Buckley, a Kansas City based artist that has worked with Michael, is offering original watercolors to help generate donations for Michael and his wife Denise. You can learn more about the auction here. You can learn more about iMonk’s diagnosis […]

Helping a Friend in Need

UPDATE: For those wishing to donate online, try going to the Internet Monk website and click the “donate/paypal” button on the right hand side of the page. UPDATE 2: The correct address to physically send your support is P.O. Box 313, Oneida, KY 40972. At the recent Westminster Seminary California faculty conference, Mike Horton said […]