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We Prefer Mad Men

Shane Rosenthal, the executive producer of the White Horse Inn radio broadcast sent this over today. It’s a sign advertising space for lease in a mixed use facility that used to be a church.┬áThe sign won a prestigious award from the American Advertising Federation. You can read more about the campaign and the award in […]

I wonder if their communion is shaken, not stirred?

In keeping with our funny church name theme this week, this picture of St. James-Bond United Church was sent in yesterday. The correspondent says that it was demolished in 2006. Wikipedia says that it was located in Toronto.


Yesterday we pointed out that Lutherans are cool–at least in Cool, California! Today we received evidence from our Orange County correspondent that Presbyterians are hungry–at least in North Carolina.

Tragic Church Signs

Welcome to a new segment on the White Horse Inn blog: “Tragic Church Signs.” The first installment comes courtesy of the comment string in a recent MockingbirdNYC blog post. If you’ve seen a Tragic Church Sign, send it in!