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Been to a Fun-eral lately?

In the current issue of Modern Reformation Craig Parton wrote a special piece entitled “Funerals from Hell: Where Have all the Graveyards Gone?”. We don’t usually include our departments in the on-line version of the magazine, but for this exceptional article we have made an exception. It is a brilliant piece reminding the Evangelical world of what a funeral should be. Not a celebration of life for there is nothing “fun” about even the death of a believer. These are times of stark reminders of the enemy death, but an enemy that Christ defeated on the cross.

Since Mr. Parton had recently been through a couple of fun-erals and also buried his mother, he gives five very helpful points of advice to steer clear of a “Gnostic Vaudeville Show” when planning a funeral (either yours or somebody else’s). Please take the few moments to read this article, and you will be glad that you did.

“Funerals from Hell: Where Have all the Graveyards gone?”
By Craig A. Parton

Not to take away from Mr. Parton’s article, but Rev. Mike Brown wrote a great piece about this subject on the Pilgrim People blog: The Enemy Death.

WHI-979 | The White Horse Inn 20th Anniversary Special (Part 2)

As part two of our special 20th anniversary celebration, this program features more soundbites from across the decades, including some highlights from our old “Inventory of Relics” segment, various man-on-the-street interviews, and White Horse Inn spoof commercials. The hosts also take some calls from listeners across the country who express their thanks for the program and offer their congratulations.


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David Hlebo

Horton Turns the Tables

Recently Mike Horton was interviewed by his colleague R. Scott Clark on Westminster Seminary California’s podcast Office Hours. Today, Mike interviews Scott about his book Recovering the Reformed Confession, church history, and the federal vision controversy in Reformed churches.

Work at the Inn!

White Horse Inn is looking for an assistant producer to join our team.  This part-time job is comprised mostly of editing the recording sessions into the various broadcasts, podcasts, and CD versions of the show that are made available every week to our listeners around the world.

If you’re passionate for Reformation Theology, can meet strict deadlines, and have strong audio editing ability, please send your resume to applyjob2010jan@whitehorseinn.org by January 15, 2010.

Brit Hume on Buddhism, Forgiveness & Redemption

On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume discussed Tiger Woods’ recent difficulties, along with a brief mention of the golfer’s Buddhist faith.  But Hume went on to say, “I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be…turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”


WHI-978 | The White Horse Inn 20th Anniversary Special (Part 1)

On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts celebrate their 20th year of broadcasting by reminiscing about the past, explaining how the hosts met, and by discussing the mission and goal of the program. They’ll also be listening to soundbites from across the decades, such as clips from the 1990 pilot broadcast, the controversial interview with Robert Schuller, and the famous “Dad Rod Christmas Special.” So join us as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!


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David Hlebo

Mockingbird’s Favorite Videos

One of our favorite blogs, mockingbirdnyc, has a series of posts on their favorite songs, movies, and television shows of 2009. Jeff Hual, a contributor to the blog, also posted his top seven videos of the year. Here are a few teasers. You’ll want to visit the blog to see the whole thing.

Number 7: Rick Warren on the “Gospel of Doing”…

Pastor Warren explaining to his congregation all of the things they have to “do” if they want to get to heaven.

Number 6: Bill Hybels on “Holy Motivation”…

Pastor Hybels explains how getting angry and then using that anger to fuel a fervor for social justice issues is a biblical concept (who knew!).

Number 5: Megachurch Sermon Trailers–In Search of Relevance…

Ah…smell the moralistic therapeutic deism. Obviously, if getting into heaven is about all this doing that we have to do (as Pastors Warren and Hybels have asserted), then the preacher had better get busy with giving us some practical things to be doing.

Number 2: You Were Born For This? (From the Author of “The Prayer of Jabez”)…

Of course, if the Prayer of Jabez had actually worked for everyone, we wouldn’t need a follow-up book about how to “live a life of predictable miracles”:

Divine Financial Advice

Do you know the difference between causation and correlation? It is sometimes difficult to tell the two concepts apart. It’s sort of chicken and the egg or chaos-theory butterfly stuff.  I’m wondering about all of this again after the Christmas Eve story on MSNBC: Is the Bible a Good Investment Tool?

Causation would say, yes, if you follow the principles laid down in the Bible you will be successful (in finance, parenting, politics, Super Mario Brothers, whatever).  Correlation says, no, while it shouldn’t surprise us that the Bible speaks truth to financial power, its effectiveness is limited by its purpose and the Bible’s purpose isn’t to set our financial house in order.

There’s no problem with asking how my new life in Christ should affect the way I make financial decisions, of course. But there is a significant problem with marketing the Bible as as part of an investor tool-kit.  The one approach remembers that redemption and new creation are central to the Bible’s themes and God’s purposes. The other approach reduces the Bible to the kind of advice many of us get in our inboxes everyday from other financial gurus. What happens if “taking the Bible literally” when it comes to finances doesn’t pay off? It’s easy to unsubscribe The Motley Fool. It’s a little harder to return to Scripture as a source of truth and life after you’ve weighed it and found it wanting for your bank account.

Of course, we wouldn’t have this problem if we didn’t ask the Bible to speak to issues it doesn’t really care about. The irony is that by making the Bible say more than it does, we rob it of its real authority over our lives.

WHI-977 | An Interview with Marilynne Robinson

On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton talks with Pulitzer Prize winning author Marilynne Robinson about many of the themes she explores in her writings, such as the affects of Darwinism on human self-reflection, the significance of the theology of John Calvin, and the complexity of grace. Dr. Robinson is the author of Home, Gilead, and The Death of Adam.


The Death of Adam
Marilynne Robinson
Marilynne Robinson
Marilynne Robinson



Zack Hicks

WHI-976 | The Word Made Flesh

Christianity is the religion of a book, and this particular book contains a good deal of words to be read, reflected upon, and applied. But God’s word contains more than instructions on how we should all behave. Ultimately it points to a person, the Word of God made flesh, who descended from heaven in order to save the fallen race of mankind.


What is Discipleship?
Michael Horton
The Bombarding Images of TV Culture
D. Groothuis
Christ & Humanity
Michael Horton


On the Incarnation
The God of Promise
Michael Horton
The Gospel Driven Life
Michael Horton


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Artist: Sandra McCracken Song: “Lo The Storms of Life Are Breaking”

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