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Christianity.com Video – 3: Horton on Classical Christian Education

Dr. Horton was asked about some principles parents should consider when educating their children. Mike responds by endorsing the Classical Christian Education model in the next Christianity.com video.

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Christianity.com Video 2 – Horton on Hell

The next installment of the Christianity.com videos has Dr. Horton discussing the doctrine of hell and whether we can even bring a charge against God that he is being unjust in condemning people to eternal punishment.

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Christianity.com Video 1 – Horton on Catechism

Christianity.com pulled Dr. Horton into a studio a couple of times in the past few months to allow him to answer a variety of questions concerning the faith, piety, and practice of Christianity. Over the next few weeks we will be posting these videos here so stay tuned.

In the first video Mike deals with the subject of catechism and what role it should have in the church especially as she fulfills the Great Commission.

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