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Christianity.com Video 13 – The Importance of Studying Theology

Christianity.com asked Mike about the importance of studying theology for Christians. Mike discusses this by comparing our desire to gain knowledge in our other relationships… or even our iPhones.

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Christianity.com Video 12 – Misconceptions about Hell

Systematic theology is very important because it helps give us a balanced approach when thinking about tough doctrines. Sure we don’t like talking about hell, but it is a necessary subject because of who God is. Mike Horton causes us to think about these things in the next Christianity.com video interview.

Tomorrow we will see a video where Mike discusses more about the importance of Christians studying theology.

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Christianity.com Video 11 – Religious or Spiritual vs. Gospel-Focused

The Friday edition of the Christianity.com video interview of Mike Horton asks him to respond to Christians who claim to be “spiritual” but not “religious.” Mike responds by saying that Christians shouldn’t be either, but to be gospel-focused looking to the incarnate Christ.

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Christianity.com Video 10 – What Must We Believe to be Saved?

A proper understanding of faith helps resolve the question of “how much do I need to believe in order to be saved?” Dr. Horton discusses this in the next Christianity.com video.

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Christianity.com Video 9 – The One True God is in Fact True!

As we continue our trek through Mike’s Christianity.com videos we come to Mike discussing why we can be certain that God exists and that he is the one true God.

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Christianity.com Video 8 – Speaking with Unbelievers, even Muslims, about the Gospel

Getting the gospel out is what the church is called to do in The Great Commission. But how do individual Christians share the gospel with unbelievers be they Muslims or even “Christians” who don’t actually believe? Dr. Horton was asked to address this question in our next Christianity.com video.

In this video Mike mentions a list of points where Christians and our hostile critics agree. That list can be found here.

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Christianity.com Video 7 – Christians and the Great Commission

Christianity.com recently asked Dr. Horton in their video series what is The Great Commission? In a video fitting for this year’s White Horse Inn theme Mike explains not only the imperative “Go,” but also the announcement that precedes and the promise that ends that commission.

In this video Mike mentions a list of points where Christians and our hostile critics agree. That list can be found here.

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Christianity.com Video 6 – A Dramatic Worldview

Dr. Horton in this next Christianity.com video discusses a Christian’s “worldview” in terms of our being characters written into the script of God’s drama. This drama then leads to our doctrine, our doxology, and finally our discipleship as Christians in God’s world.

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Christianity.com Video 5 – Are all sins equal and is there equality in hell?

In our fifth installment of the Christianity.com videos Dr. Horton discusses whether or not God hates some sins more than others, and if so, why. As a result, Mike also talks about the somewhat popular idea that there are different degrees of hell dependent on the severity of one’s sins.

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Christianity.com Video 4 – What books should all Christians read?

Obviously Christians should be students and readers of the Holy Scriptures, but Mike was asked to name five other books that Christians should read. This discussion is recorded in the fourth video from Christianity.com.

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