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Dark Days for Scotland

From the Associated Press (November 23, 2010)

A true Scotsman is said to never wear anything under his kilt. But now Scots are being warned that the sartorial tradition could be both indecent and unhygienic. The organization charged with maintaining standards in Highland dress, the Scottish Tartans Authority, is supporting kilt rental firms that want to banish the age-old custom of “going commando.” On Tuesday, Brian Wilton, a spokesman for the group, said: “We are saying, please use common sense and decency, as it can be unhygienic and it can be offensive. If you are out and about in a kilt, then remember to show some decorum. If you are hiring a kilt, then wear underwear because some of them are left in a horrible state.”

This on the heels of word that the Free Church has voted to allow musical instruments and hymns. Scotland may never be the same.

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Steve Martin’s Atheist Gospel Song

We found this over at the Huffington Post and had to pass it on. From the HP:

One of the stops on that tour was the venerable live music program Austin City Limits, and Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, a vocal quartet, performed an original composition. Lamenting that religious people have the best music, they decry the fact that nonreligious people are left in the proverbial dust when it comes to music proclaiming their beliefs. Check out the performance of “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” below.


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The Wide Spectrum of Evangelicalism

White Horse Inn producer Shane Rosenthal this week is at the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. Here’s a pic from the convention that really illustrates the wide spectrum of Evangelicalism.


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Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Guess what these perks are trying to garner interest for in Hollywood at the end of this month?

  • $10,000 Giveaway
  • Special Movie Preview Screening
  • Two free concerts
  • 15 Round-Trip Vacation Giveaways
  • All-Star Lineup of speakers with a special celebrity guest
  • Nightly Musical Showcases
  • On-Site Training
  • Live Demonstrations

Well, the National Church Growth Conference & Expo, “Where every pastor is a Mega Pastor!” of course!!

There is too much here to comment on, not the least of which is simply the tacky 1990s design of these flyers.



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It Pays to Go to Church

In 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville observed that, “preachers in America are continually coming down to earth.  Indeed they find it difficult to take their eyes off it. The better to touch their hearers, they are forever pointing out how religious beliefs favor freedom and public order, and it is often difficult to be sure when listening to them whether the main object of religion is to procure eternal felicity in the next world or prosperity in this” (Democracy in America, 2.2.9).

This problem has continued to plague practitioners of religion in America since the time of de Tocqueville, right down to the present day emphasis on “the practical” over “the theological,” having Your Best Life Now, rather than focusing on the significance of what Jesus did way back then.  However, CNN is running a report today that a Chicago area church has taken things in an entirely new direction.  At The Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip, Illinois, they’ve decided to use the offering money to fund a weekly lottery.  With game show music in the background, the pastor reads the winning number and the contestant, uh, sorry, congregant is awarded a cash prize. And by all accounts it appears to be bringing ‘em in.  Since The Lighthouse Church began the lottery just over two months ago, they have nearly doubled in size.  This may be the beginning of an entire new chapter in the history of the Church Growth movement.

Here’s the video from CNN:  Lottery lures more to church

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The Newest Modern Reformation


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With Friends Like These…

Mike Horton was interviewed recently by Tabletalk’s Burke Parsons. That interview is now being featured on the Ligonier blog. Here’s a snippet of the interview about blogs and whether Mike Horton reads them:

Do you read any blogs, and if you do, what are some of the most helpful blogs?

I don’t. I’m kind of in that in-between generation. Well, I can’t really blame that as a factor. A lot of people my age and older read the blogs. I just never got into it. However, we just started doing a blog for The Whitehorse Inn, and they tell me it’s doing well.

So The White Horse Inn blog is your favorite blog?

Sure, it’s my favorite blog, but I don’t even read it. Nevertheless, I hear people all over the place talking about the Riddleblog, the Heidelblog, Justin Taylor’s blog, and Tim Challies’ blog; so I’m aware of them, it’s just not part of my daily routine.

How’s THAT for an endorsement! We’re his favorite blog and he doesn’t even read it!  Well, we’re hoping you’re reading and benefiting from the WHI blog. But please excuse us, we need to show Mike where the “send” button is on his email program.

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