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ETS Reception

Join the editors of Modern Reformation for a special “meet and greet” reception at the Evangelical Theological Society on Friday, November 21st at 4:30 pm at Trellis Garden Grille on the property of the Town and Country Resort in San Diego, California.

We’re especially interested in finding new authors, so if you’re in town for the Evangelical Theological Society meeting, please stop by for a bit to eat and get to know Modern Reformation magazine. We’ll be previewing our 2015 editorial calendar and talking about the different departments that the magazine will feature.

Although the event is “invitation only,” it’s very easy to get an invitation: just ask! Our editors will be at the ETS meetings and you can get an invitation from one of us. You can also pick up an invitation from the 1517 Project booth in the exhibit hall. Email us (editor@modernreformation.org) or direct message us on Twitter (@ModRef) to get more information.

The reception begins at 4:30, immediately after the special session in the Golden Ballroom featuring D. A. Carson, Mark Dever, and Michael Horton. Make your way to Trellis Garden Grille for appetizers and drinks before dinner or your trip home.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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Second Annual Charleston Christmas Conference

2014 Christmas Conference Handout

Friends of the Inn and contributors to Modern Reformation magazine, Carl Trueman and Harry Reeder, will be speaking at the second annual Charleston Christmas Conference on Reformed Theology, December 5-7, 2014. Drs. Trueman and Reeder will join Dr. Jon Payne, the pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian in Charleston and the host of the conference, in taking up the theme of The Nativity and the Cross.

For more information and registration click here.

For Further Reading and Listening:

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Michael Horton at PCRT 2014

On May 2-4, 2014, Michael Horton will join Phillip Johnson, Richard Phillips, and Derek Thomas at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. This year, the conference will be hosted by Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Now in its 41st year, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology played an important role in the birth of White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation. When Dr. Horton was 13 years old, he convinced his parents (then living in California) to take him to the PCRT where he met and had lunch with James Montgomery Boice. That newly formed friendship developed into a full-fledged partnership in helping the church rediscover the solas of the Reformation.

Dr. Horton will give two plenary addresses on Saturday, May 3rd. The first session is titled, The Uncorrupted Gospel. The second session is titled, Evangelism and the Holiness of God. He will also give a seminar on Saturday afternoon titled, Ordinary Holiness: Ephesians 4:1-16.

This year, the PCRT conference takes up the theme, “Profaning the Sacred: The Beauty and Holiness of the Bride of Christ.” Here’s the conference description:

In the Old Testament, we often read of the sacred vessels of the temple being taken away for the service of idolatry. The profaning of God’s sacred things symbolized the turning of Israel to false gods. Even worse were those occasions when idols were brought into God’s house, showing that Israel had forgotten the holy obligations of Scripture. The New Testament sees God’s people going out into the world with the Gospel, making holy those who were lost in sin. Yet the danger of secularizing the sacred remains. Often in the name of evangelism, worldly influences may corrupt the holy things of worship, ministry, and Christian living. When this happens, the church loses relevancy in the culture and, as the Bible so frequently shows, true spiritual power for the cause of salvation is lost, even when there may be great numbers of people and other worldly indicators of success.

With this in mind, the 2014 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology will consider the holiness of the Christian church, together with its worship, ministry, and life. There are several reasons for this topic. First, is the perennial need of God’s people to protect God’s holy things from worldly corruption. This need is particularly great today when so many professing Christians and churches are adopting the ways of the world to do the work of God. God calls Christians, pastors, and churches to be holy, and this means that we must not allow his holy things to be profaned. This raises important questions for us to answer: how does a zeal for evangelism often mask the importing of worldly influences? What constitutes genuinely holy worship? Does zeal for holiness involve legalism or is it a true mark of God’s grace?

You can register for the conference here.

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We Love Pastors!

One of the best parts of our 2013 White Horse Inn Weekend was interacting with pastors who have “boots on the ground” in churches all across the country. It was a pleasure sitting next to them, hearing their stories about the real work of personal and ecclesial reformation, and being encouraged by the way they use and promote White Horse Inn resources. We realize, however, that the cost of the Weekend might be beyond the reach of many pastors. So, we’re pleased to announce our “Pastor’s Special” for the 2014 White Horse Inn Weekend.

When you enter the promotional code, “PASTOR,” on the registration page for the 2014 Weekend, you will see a discount that covers the entire registration fee of $329. You can apply the discount to the “Conference Only” registration and attend for free or the “Conference with Meals” registration and only pay for the special meals that we will have with one another during our three days in Vail.

If you love your pastors and have the means to get them to Vail, Colorado, please encourage them to register today using the special promotional code, “PASTOR.” There are only a limited number of these free registrations. Hotel reservations are NOT included in the registration fee, but our conference venue, the Vail Marriott, is offering us a special rate of $199 per night.

Send your pastor to the White Horse Inn Weekend! I’m pretty sure that you’ll be the real beneficiary upon his return.

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You’re Invited to the 2nd Annual WHI Weekend

For more information or to register please visit the White Horse Inn Weekend homepage.

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White Horse Inn Weekend Special Offer

When we launched our first family event in 2012 with a cruise to the Caribbean, we weren’t just looking for an opportunity for Dad Rod to do the Lambada on the Lido deck. We wanted an extended opportunity to connect with our partners—the people at the core of our mission to help people “know what they believe and why they believe it.” Our partners are our biggest cheerleaders, most faithful financial supporters, and reformers in their own right—sharing the resources of the White Horse Inn in their own circles. Last year, we were pleased to gather our partners together once again in sunny San Diego for two days of learning and fellowship at the White Horse Inn Weekend. This year, we’re excited for our time together in Vail, Colorado. Each of these events are designed for our partners, so we’re offering a special discount to NEW partners for a limited time.

Starting today, any NEW Reformer partner to the White Horse Inn will get one free registration to our White Horse Inn Weekend in Vail. The registration covers the conference fees and hosted meals during the Weekend. Transportation and lodging are not included. To qualify for the free registration, you must be a NEW Reformer partner (or lapsed partner of more than one year) and pay your partnership in full via credit card.

To access this registration option, go to the Weekend registration page and enter “reformer” where it asks for a promotional code. Then choose “Reformer Special” as your registration option and follow the directions to complete your purchase.

We hope that you take advantage of this amazing deal and join with other Reformation minded friends from around the world this summer in Vail, Colorado as we equip you to defend the unique claims of Christianity in a pluralistic culture.

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2014 White Horse Inn Weekend

We’re excited to open registration this week for our 2014 White Horse Inn Weekend. The Weekend is our version of the “un-conference” with lots of time for face-to-face interaction, discussion, and good fellowship.

In 2013, we gathered in San Diego to talk about the big picture of the Bible (which we turned into the “How to Read Your Bible” study kit). In 2014, we’re heading to Vail, Colorado, to answer the question, “Do We All Worship the Same God?” Joining the White Horse Inn hosts are special friends from around the world: Greg Koukle (host of the popular Stand to Reason radio show), Isaac Shaw (the head of a church multiplication ministry in India), and Hicham Chehab (a Christian missionary to Muslims).

You can read more about our special guests, the sessions we have planned, and our schedule of events at whitehorseinn.org/weekend. Remember, the Weekend is an “un-conference”—we keep the numbers intentionally low so that we can enjoy quality time with one another. Don’t miss out on an opportunity that our 2013 participants said was “outstanding,” “excellent in all ways,” and “exceptional.”

Save time and money by taking advantage of our early bird rates. Register today and join us in 2014 for our second annual White Horse Inn Weekend!

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We Love Pastors

As we get closer to our inaugural White Horse Inn Weekend, we want to invite you to send your pastors to the Weekend for free! We have a limited number of free tickets available for pastors. If you or your church can pay for your pastor’s hotel room and transportation to/from San Diego, we’ll pay the way into the Weekend: all materials and two meals for two people during the Weekend.

There are ten tickets available. Each ticket covers one couple. First come, first served. Use promo code WHI4Pastors to get the discount.

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Our Inaugural Weekend

One of the most enjoyable and encouraging parts of my travel around the United States and across the world is meeting people whose lives have been changed by the work of White Horse Inn. It’s a great blessing to me to speak to believers in the Philippines, Brazil, and Germany and hear the same stories and sentiments that I hear from friends in Louisiana, Massachusetts, and California. It’s a humbling reminder that when Kim, Ken, Rod, and I gather around a microphone, we’re really engaging in conversations that make a difference—an eternal difference in the lives, families, and churches of friends like you.

Recently, our board of directors determined to host an annual meeting of our closest friends and supporters. Even though we often run into you at other events hosted by other organizations, we wanted an opportunity to spend dedicated time in conversation and fellowship with those who have done the most to help White Horse Inn succeed over the last twenty years. So, coming up July 26-27, 2013, we plan to gather together in San Diego for two days of teaching, fellowship, sharing meals, and planning for the future of White Horse Inn.  We’re intentionally limiting the size of our gathering to just 100 people so that we can ensure that we will all be able to enjoy our time together as a company of friends. With such an intimate group, it is imperative that we receive your registration as soon as possible.

I’m also excited to let you know that we’ll be filming and recording our time together for use in a study kit that we are developing for release in late 2013. Our new president, Mark Green, has focused all of our energies on turning our content into bite-sized kits that can be used in Sunday school, home fellowship groups, and even personal study. With these new study kits, we’ll have an even better opportunity to change the conversation in our churches, living rooms, and neighborhoods by introducing our friends and family to the rich resources of the Reformation.

In order to cover our expenses and produce the best content we can, we’ve set the conference fee at $298 per person (discounted to $589 per couple), which includes two meals during your stay. Don’t delay and register today. The Paradise Point Resort in Mission Bay is our host. You’ll make your room reservations directly with them. They’ve set aside a block of rooms just for us for $249 per night. These rooms have either one king or two queen beds. You can also upgrade into more spacious suites or bay front rooms for a little bit extra.

You may want to bring the kids and extend your stay in San Diego this summer. Our conference hotel is just a short water taxi ride away from Sea World! The property also has an onsite marina where you can rent sailboats or try your hand at paddle boarding. We’ll be just a few minutes from downtown San Diego and the world famous San Diego Zoo. The same nightly rate extends out three days before and after our conference, so take advantage of our beautiful city and make a vacation out of it!

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Join Michael Horton in Heidelberg, Germany

“What is your only comfort in life and in death?”  The Reformation was provoked by that question.  Our lives are driven by it.  People look for comfort in all sorts of places, but find superficial and short-lived parodies of God’s comfort in the gospel of his Son.

This is the first question of the Heidelberg Catechism, whose 450th Anniversary I’ll be celebrating in Heidelberg, Germany, with brothers and sisters who still find comfort in the message that this amazing instrument has conveyed to generations of Christians in every part of the world.  The celebration includes talks from experts on the history and content of the Catechism as well as pastors from various countries.  We’ll even have a chance to visit the university where the Catechism’s author, Zacharius Ursinus, was  professor, and the Church of the Holy Ghost, where Caspar Olevianus was the pastor. Besides, it’s a charming, romantic, and majestic city with a rich history that is apparent from every angle.  Whether hearing talks, strolling along the Rhine with its lush hills, vineyards, and castles, or enjoying the Palatine cuisine, it will be a memorable time.

It’s open to the public!  So please join me.  I’d love to share with friends this opportunity to give thanks to God for a gift that keeps on giving.

Heidelberg Conference on Reformed Theology
July 18-21, 2013
Conference fee ranges from $100 – $200

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