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Recovering Scripture – “How can I trust that the Bible is reliable?”

Michael Horton recently sat down and answered a few questions about Scripture: it’s reliability, interpretation, and application to our lives. We’ll be posting videos of his explanations through the end of the year. For more information on our Recovering Scripture campaign and for additional resources to help you “know and share what you believe and […]

WHI-1233 | Christianity, Hinduism & Islam

What are the major differences between Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, and how can we reach out to people with Hindu or Muslim backgrounds? On this live edition of White Horse Inn, Michael Horton will discuss these important issues with Hicham Chehab of Salaam Christian Fellowship and Isaac Shaw of Delhi Bible Institute.

WHI-1232 | Pluralism & The American Religion

What are the beliefs and assumptions of contemporary American spirituality? Why is it that so many people pick and choose their religious beliefs based on what makes them happy—rather than by evaluating their truth claims? On this edition of White Horse Inn recorded before a live audience in Vail, Colorado, the hosts, along with special guest Greg Koukl, discuss these questions and more as they outline the characteristics of the American Religion.

Kim Riddlebarger’s New Book!

Our friend and colleague, Kim Riddlebarger, has announced the forthcoming publication of his new book on B. B. Warfield, The Lion of Princeton: B. B. Warfield as Apologist and Theologian. The book will appear in both print and as a Logos download in January. You can preorder the Logos version now. Here’s an overview: There’s little […]

WHI-1231 | Is God a Religious Pluralist?

Is it true that all religious paths lead to the same God? Can something be true
for you, but not for others? How are we to deal with the exclusive claims of
Jesus in our pluralistic age? On this special edition of White Horse
, our friend Greg Koukl will discuss these questions in his address at a
recent WHI conference.

WHI-1230 | Is Reality Secular?

What are the roots and assumptions of secularism and why does this system of belief maintain such a stronghold in Western culture? Why are the other worldviews competing for our acceptance and how are we to know which one is true? On this program, Michael Horton will be speaking with Claremont University professor Mary Poplin about her abandonment of secularism and her subsequent conversion to the Christian faith.

WHI-1229 | Renaissance

At the very time that many Christians have shifted their focus from the unchanging gospel to the transformation of culture, countless churches have been transformed in the name of relevance into Christian entertainment centers with motivational speakers. So are we actually changing the culture, or are we being changed by it? Is cultural transformation something we should focus on in the first place? On this program, Michael Horton discusses these questions and more with Os Guinness, author of Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times.

WHI-1228 | Present Shock

According to media and technology writer Douglas Rushkoff, “Our society has reoriented itself to the present moment. Everything is live, real time, and always on. It’s not a mere speeding up; however, much in our lifestyles and technologies have accelerated the rate at which we attempt to do things. It’s more of a diminishment of anything that isn’t happening right now.” Michael Horton speaks with Rushkoff about his new book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, and discusses how his thesis applies to the world of contemporary Christianity while it emphasizes having your best life now.

WHI-1227 | Hospitality & Mission

During the first half of this program, Michael Horton will speak with Reverend Tim Blackmon about the practice of hospitality in his own church context in The Netherlands. Hospitality, he argues, is the appropriate response to a proper understanding of who God is and what he has done to save and rescue us. In the second half of the program, Michael Horton talks with Christopher Wright about his book, The Mission of God.

WHI-1226 | God So Loved, He Gave

The entire Christian story can be understood through the lens of gift-giving. The history of redemption is the story of God’s gracious and sacrificial giving of himself in order to rescue his fallen and rebellious creation. As he rescues us, he also invites us to live with hospitality and generosity so that, like him, we live to serve our neighbors in love. Michael Horton will be discussing this topic with Covenant College professor Kelly Kapic, author of God So Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity.