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Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Guess what these perks are trying to garner interest for in Hollywood at the end of this month? $10,000 Giveaway Special Movie Preview Screening Two free concerts 15 Round-Trip Vacation Giveaways All-Star Lineup of speakers with a special celebrity guest Nightly Musical Showcases On-Site Training Live Demonstrations Well, the National Church Growth Conference & Expo, […]

Horton talks about “The Gospel-Driven Life”

Mike Horton recently talked with R. Scott Clark about his newest book The Gospel-Driven Life on the Westminster Seminary California podcast Office Hours. To listen to the interview and/or to subscribe to the Office Hours podcast, click here. To order the book, check out the WSC Bookstore.

Judgment, Fate, or Providence in Haiti?

In a world which is so connected news spreads fast. I got an e-mail notifying me of a 7.0 earthquake very near Port-au-Prince, Haiti just moments after the event occurred. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake is large regardless of where it occurs on the globe, but in the Caribbean I knew it could have devastating effects–this […]

Been to a Fun-eral lately?

In the current issue of Modern Reformation Craig Parton wrote a special piece entitled “Funerals from Hell: Where Have all the Graveyards Gone?”. We don’t usually include our departments in the on-line version of the magazine, but for this exceptional article we have made an exception. It is a brilliant piece reminding the Evangelical world […]

Christ at the Center: Dr. Horton Interviewed by CT

Dr. Horton was recently interviewed by Mark Galli, senior managing editor of Christianity Today, concerning the need for our lives and the church to be driven by the Gospel and the focus to be on Christ. The interview is found on the Christianity Today site:Christ at the Center

Horton’s Response to Two Kingdom Questions

Back in the beginning of October, Dr. Horton responded to three questions concerning the Reformed doctrine of the Two Kingdoms. Those three posts have been edited and put into a single document for your enjoyment. So enjoy! Horton Responds to Two Kingdoms Questions (130 kB PDF)

Horton’s Review of Wright – Full Review

Recently on the WHI Blog Dr. Horton reviewed the book Justification by N.T. Wright in ten different postings. In order to make it easier to read this review in its entirety we have compiled all the posts and made them available as a PDF. Horton reviews N.T. Wright’s Justification (350 kB PDF)