This is the next installment of our senior staff member’s report on his international travel. He has moved out of several closed countries and into India, where the opportunities to help Christians know what they believe and why they believe it are endless! Please continue to pray for us and with us as we continue to work out a long-term international strategy for White Horse Inn.

India. It is a land of contrasting beliefs and mind-numbing contradictions. Claiming birthrights of Hinduism and Buddhism, it also is home to approximately 200 million Muslims and 25-30 million Christians.  Though India enjoys purchasing power ranked third in the world, poverty still stalks millions every day.

How does the church of Jesus Christ serve such a country with the message of salvation found in Christ alone? Colonialism came and went along with hundreds of other approaches, including things as ludicrous as dressing the church in Hindu garb and offering Jesus as the true guru.

If we look to Scriptural examples, we see that Paul and the apostles also faced pluralism and secularism every day in their era. They followed a simple pattern: preach Christ, baptize those God calls to himself, and establish local churches.  There is no end to new ideas tantalizing with the promise of a breakthrough.  But God builds his church. God identifies himself with his people. He is not ashamed of them.  No evil or persecution befalls the church that is not within God’s plan.

I have listened to the stories of local pastors, educators, and evangelists in India for the past 20 years. We have rejoiced together at the triumphs and we have wept together at the cost of individual lives. As I watch them do their work faithfully every day, I am humbled and challenged to see that the God of the nations is building his church.

How can White Horse Inn serve the believers in India? How can we encourage Christians to know what they believe and why? What format best serves pastors and those doing the work of the church here? Our WHI team will tackle these questions as we evaluate the many conversations I have enjoyed during the time here. Pray that God would give us wisdom. He is building his church.

Finally, thank you for your support that allows us me to leave WHI materials with these brothers, a small demonstration of our love and admiration for the work they do.