An update from our senior staff member who is on the road for White Horse Inn in several closed countries in the Middle East. Thank you for praying for him. Please continue to do so! We’ll post updates as he is able to send them to us.

Imagine Middle Eastern countries that are closed to the gospel.  Imagine that 25% of each country is comprised of immigrants, often there as laborers and domestic servants.   Imagine also that the Lord uses some of these non-nationals to spread the gospel not only in their country but also in other neighboring countries.

As U.S. citizens, we rarely have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Middle Eastern nationals and talk about Christ in providentially appointed conversations.  But in the two countries I visited a few days ago, this is exactly what happened.  On Friday, the day Christians are allowed to worship, 30,000 non-nationals gathered to hear the Word preached and taught in the Middle East.  Some of the teaching is good and the rest, well, perhaps not so much.

How can White Horse Inn help the pastors and teachers in these countries?  I spent time with several pastors last week, listening to their heart for Christ, for the lost, and for the need to teach people accurately about Christ.  I have listened to international pastors talk about these same concerns for over 25 years.

This week confirmed again that WHI materials can play a crucial role in serving these pastors and their churches by providing free resources that are accurate, accessible and articulated at a level that they can use and appreciate.  We want to do that at WHI.  God has provided almost 25 years of WHI materials, and the WHI team wants to make them available—at no cost—to pastors and churches around the world.

When I return, we will share with you some of the recordings of these pastors talking about their heart for their congregations.  It will warm your heart, as it did mine!  Until then, pray for us at WHI that the God of the nations will show us how we might expand our services.  And pray for me as I go to five more countries in the region and ask these same questions to pastors that are serving Christ, laying down their lives every day so that they might be faithful to the God who called them.  I am very grateful for the time with them and to share their stores of God’s faithfulness.

As an expression of our thanks and because of your support, I am able to leave WHI materials with every pastor I encounter on this trip.  Our prayer is that this is only the start of serving these servants of Christ around the world.