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Entries for January, 2014

So Many Popes!

A recent article today in Charisma News by Brooklyn minister, Joseph Mattera, raises some important questions with extraordinary ramifications. The author is concerned with the proliferation of evangelical and Pentecostal megachurches that reflect a Roman Catholic model of church leadership, especially in Latin America.  Churches become empires with numerous departments and programs staffed by an […]

Mike Horton in the New Issue of Credo

Credo is a relatively new online magazine from a Calvinistic Baptist perspective that is getting rave reviews for its content and design. In their latest issue on justification, they asked a number of theologians for their take on the issues at stake in contemporary debates about justification. Click the link below for answers from Mike […]

WHI-1190 | Another Exodus

After God called Israel out of Egypt to be a chosen and holy nation, the people sin greatly against him and are forced to wander in the desert for forty years. After that entire generation dies out, a new generation led by Joshua is finally allowed to enter the land of rest. What new challenges do the people of Israel face in the land promised to Abraham and his descendants? How long will they be able to stay in the land? That’s our focus for this edition of the program as we continue our discussion of The Gospel According to Joshua.

WHI-1189 | Holy War

Christians rightly condemn acts of violence by Islamic terroristsmdash;justified by the perpetrators as forms of jihad. But if the killing of innocent civilians is always wrong, how are we to explain the kind of holy war that we find throughout the book of Joshua? Is this a “text of terror” that we should reject and exclude from the canon of Scripture? How are we to understand the difference between the jihad of today and the holy wars of the Old Testament? That’s what we’ll wrestle with on this episode of White Horse Inn.

WHI-1188 | Is God A Moral Monster?

On this program I talk with Paul Copan about the claims of Richard Dawkins and other “new atheists” that the God of the Old Testament is a petty, vindictive, bloodthirsty, genocidal, ethnic cleanser. Is God’s command to Joshua to invade Canaanite cities and to kill men, women, and children best understood in terms of ethnic cleansing? How should we think about the God of the Old Testament? These important questions are on tap for this edition of White Horse Inn!

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WHI-1187 | The Gospel According to Joshua

Moses is a tragic hero. Though he was called by God to lead the Children of Israel out of their slavery and bondage in Egypt, he was, nevertheless, forbidden to enter the Promised Land. After his death, a servant by the name of Joshua (which means YHWH saves) was called to lead his people across the Jordan into the land of Canaan. How do these events point forward to the deliverance provided by Jesus Christ, the greater Joshua? We will discuss this and many other questions as they introduce their new series: The Gospel According to Joshua.

White Horse Inn Weekend Special Offer

When we launched our first family event in 2012 with a cruise to the Caribbean, we weren’t just looking for an opportunity for Dad Rod to do the Lambada on the Lido deck. We wanted an extended opportunity to connect with our partners—the people at the core of our mission to help people “know what […]