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Entries for November, 2013

WHI-1181 | The Big Picture of the Bible

What is the Bible all about? Though this may sound like a basic question, it’s actually one that many people overlook in our day. It’s common in Christian circles today for pastors and Bible study leaders to lose sight of the forest for the trees. In other words, we need to better see how all the books of the Bible fit together and proclaim one big overarching narrative. That’s the focus of this edition of White Horse Inn as we continue our series on reading the Bible.

WHI-1180 | Wisdom & The Prophets

What are we to make of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament? Are these writings solely concerned with ethics and practical matters? How about the prophetic writings? Why were they included in Scripture, and how should we interpret these texts? On this program we unpack these issues as we continue our series, How to Read Your Bible.

Charleston Christmas Conference

Friend of the Inn (and frequent contributor to Modern Reformation), Jon Payne, has asked us to tell you about the Charleston Christmas Conference to be held next month in Charleston, South Carolina, where Jon has planted Christ Church,a mission work of the Presbyterian Church in America. The theme of the conference is “The Glorious Incarnation.” […]

2014 White Horse Inn Weekend

We’re excited to open registration this week for our 2014 White Horse Inn Weekend. The Weekend is our version of the “un-conference” with lots of time for face-to-face interaction, discussion, and good fellowship. In 2013, we gathered in San Diego to talk about the big picture of the Bible (which we turned into the “How […]

How to Help Our Friends in the Philippines

Many of you remember that last year, Mike Horton spent some time in the Philippines teaching and ministering with friends there. Our “man in Manila,” Nollie Malabuyo, has been in contact with us and sent this summary, which includes information on how to help those who have been directly affected by the disaster: News reports […]

WHI-1179 | The Bible’s History Books

If the Five Books of Moses can be summarized as Israel’s constitution, how are we to think about the history books that follow? What is the meaning and purpose of the book of Joshua or Judges? How are the genealogies or battle scenes of the ancient Israelites relevant for Christians living today? Questions like these are important as we think about correctly interpreting and faithfully applying the Bible in contemporary life.

WHI-1178 | How To Read Your Bible

What is the Bible all about, and how can a person read it correctly? Why are there so many different books in Scripture, and how do they relate to one another? On this episode of White Horse Inn, we introduce our new series: How to Read Your Bible. Instead of a more general approach, we’ll actually dive into the biblical text by introducing and summarizing the Pentateuch. What is the purpose and message of these five books? What was God’s promise to Abraham, and how did it differ from the covenant made at Mt. Sinai? We’ll look at these questions and more as we kick off our new series.