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Entries for September, 2013

WHI-1170 | Ordinary Excellence

Some may argue that the call to recover “ordinary discipleship” is simply a call to mediocrity and low expectations. But as we’ll discuss in this program, ordinary discipleship is actually a higher quality form of discipleship that’s sustainable over the long haul, one that doesn’t give up easily when immediate results are unseen. On this program, we’re in part two of our month-long series, Ordinary.

Ordinary Excellence

Far from throwing a wet blanket on godly passion, the goal of this WHI series is to encourage an orientation and habits that foster deeper growth in grace, more effective outreach, and a more sustainable vision of loving service to others over a lifetime. But is “ordinary” a cop-out for mediocrity?  Is it a call […]

Does the Two-Kingdoms Distinction Necessarily Lead to Apathy and Indifference Toward Social Issues?

Guest post from the Reverend Ken Jones, Pastor of Glendale Baptist Church (Miami, Florida) and Co-Host of White Horse Inn.   Recently Dr. Anthony Bradley—a good friend and co-author with me—(we both contributed chapters to Glory Road and he was the general editor of a book to which I contributed a chapter) offered a rather scathing […]

Two Kingdoms and Slavery

A few years ago I had the privilege of speaking at a conference on Karl Barth at Princeton Seminary.  In one unforgettable moment, George Harinck, history professor at the Free University of Amsterdam, explained the difference between the way members of his church (a confessionally conservative Reformed body) and the students of Barth responded to […]

WHI-1169 | Courage in the Ordinary

>Have you noticed that words like “extreme” and “revolutionary” have ironically become part of our “ordinary” vocabulary, even in the world of contemporary Christianity? We’re constantly encouraged to “transform the world,” to pursue “radical discipleship,” or to do “big things for Jesus.” What is the cost of this continual use of superlatives? With the help of Tish Harrison Warren, we’ll discuss this issue and point to a recovery of “ordinary discipleship” in a world of hype.