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Entries for September, 2013

WHI-1173 | Ordinary Life and Vocation

Should our lives look more like the book of Joshua, or the book of Ruth? How should we live out our faith in a secular culture? On this edition of White Horse Inn, we’ll talk with hip-hop artist Jason Petty about the pursuit of excellence in ordinary life.

Secularization In ‘Christian’ America (Part 2)

(This is the second half of the abridged version of Chapter 2, “The Slipperiness of Secularization”  from Dr. Carl Trueman’s book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P&R Publishing).  To read Part 1, click this.) Secularization, Subtle and Speciously Orthodox Yet there are other ways that secular values creep in to orthodox churches. This point has been […]

Secularization In ‘Christian’ America (Part 1)

(In honor of our September/October issue, ‘Secularizing Religion’, MR contributor Carl Trueman (Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary) and P&R Publishers have graciously permitted us to post this abridged version of Chapter 2, “The Slipperiness of Secularization” from Dr. Trueman’s book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative.  We’ll post the second half […]

Who is Oprah Reading?

Eckhart Tolle? Yes. Rhonda Byrne? Yes. Elizabeth Gilbert? Yes. Rob Bell? Yes! Our friend Derek Rishmawy who blogs at the Christ and Pop Culture channel at Patheos.com gives us the news on Oprah’s latest spiritual guru. He’s got a great perspective. Here’s a glimpse: Yes, the moment has arrived. After encouraging us to learn from […]

WHI-1172 | The God of the Ordinary

There seems to be a false choice today in many quarters between a secular naturalism and hyper-supernaturalism. Conceived this way, either nothing is miraculous, or everything is. But in either case, God’s ordinary providence gets sidelined and ignored. That’s what’s on tap for this program as we begin to wrap up our month-long series, Ordinary.

The God of the Ordinary

So far throughout this series we’ve underscored this point: it’s not just the theology we profess but also the habits and practices that make certain doctrines plausible or implausible in the first place.  But the doctrines obviously matter.  Faithful convictions expose unfaithful ones and persuade us to re-evaluate the practical assumptions that we take for […]

Jim Gilmore on the Death of Robert Farrar Capon

Our good friend, Jim Gilmore, was asked to comment over at the Out of Ur blog on the death of Episcopal priest and author Robert Farrar Capon whose book on the parables we commended to you during the White Horse Inn series on the parables. Jim’s comments are rich (which we’ve come to expect from […]

Sanctification: “Justification in Action”?

We get a lot of great questions sent to us.  Here’s one that I’d like to address because I hear it a lot these days.  The writer asks: Here is the issue as stated: ‘Sanctification is NOT  “justification in action.”  Justification is a finished work. Sanctification is powered by regeneration, not justification.  The New Birth enables the […]

WHI-1171 | Extraordinary Gifts Through Ordinary Means

It is wonderful when thoughtful believers take initiative to learn what they believe and why they believe it. But this shouldn’t be something that can only be obtained through a spectacular conference experience or through the ideas of best selling book. Every church should be a garden, and every minister is called to water and tend each plant under his care, so that we’re all nourished by Christ, the life-giving vine.

Extraordinary Gifts Through Ordinary Means

If you’re wondering whether your life counts if it consists of so many ordinary things every day, you are in good company.  After all, God works through ordinary means every day in so many ways that we often don’t even notice his involvement and our complete dependence on him in each and every moment. Typically, […]