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Entries for June, 2012

WHI-1104 | Antinomianism (Part 1)

There is growing interest in the pure unadulterated gospel today in evangelical circles. But with all this talk about grace, are we facing a new danger of antinomianism? Maybe we’ve taken the gospel for granted, but are we now overreacting by taking holiness for granted? At what point should a person be considered either a legalist on one side or an antinomian on the other? The hosts will take up these questions and more on this edition of White Horse Inn.

Dare to Do the Daniel Diet

The “Daniel Diet” launched by Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Community Church has a lot of people talking. About a month ago, a national paper asked me to comment on this latest plan from a passionately creative Christian leader. It was the health editor. Never talked to a health editor before, ever. I rarely talk […]