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Entries for March, 2012

Work Out Your Salvation

“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” It’s often used either as a whip or explained away (“Now, what Paul isn’t saying is…”). As usual, it’s crucial to examine the statement in the flow of Paul’s letter. Context, Context… First, the whole statement reads, “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, […]

Conversion and Conversionism

Mike Horton discusses conversion, the ordo salutis, and the reading list for his recent MR article, “What To Do When Your Testimony Is Boring”. What’s the difference between ‘conversion’ and ‘conversionism’?   Conversion is a biblical teaching wherein we learn that we’re not active in our regeneration.  However, activated by God’s grace, we repent and […]

WHI-1091 | The Commands of the New Society (Part 2)

Who is my neighbor? What does Jesus mean when he tells us to love, even our enemies? And what is the point of the command to be “perfect as our heavenly father is perfect”? On this program, the hosts continue their discussion of “The Commands of the New Society” as they walk through Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. White Horse Inn: Know what you believe and why you believe it.

Loving Muslim Neighbors

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Rick Warren responded yesterday to the Orange County Register story with a helpful clarification. “Who is my neighbor?”, the rich young ruler asked Jesus. The query was an attempt to deflect responsibility. Of course, I have a responsibility for my family, kinsmen, and fellow Jews, but surely not for the outcasts, the morally […]

“Would You Mind Answering A Few Questions?”

  Spring’s on its way, and if you’re still sitting under snowbanks and next to space heaters, the March/April issue of Modern Reformation will help beguile the hours. The theme of this issue is ‘Exit Interviews’, where our indefatigable editorial staff interview Christian Smith, Michael Shermer, Tim Keel and many others on their respective journeys […]

The Pain and the Gain of True Holiness

I’ve been struck again by the wonderful depth and simplicity of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, this time with respect to his treatment of the spiritual struggle in the final chapters. Justification is not a process or a reward for those who are victorious in battle. Rather, it is a completed verdict that is rendered […]