Spring’s on its way, and if you’re still sitting under snowbanks and next to space heaters, the March/April issue of Modern Reformation will help beguile the hours.

The theme of this issue is ‘Exit Interviews’, where our indefatigable editorial staff interview Christian Smith, Michael Shermer, Tim Keel and many others on their respective journeys from mainline evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism, atheism and the emergent church.  We’re grateful for their continued willingness to converse with us on their views, and hope you’ll find the articles insightful and informative as you endeavor to better understand the contemporary philosophical and theological milieu.  Leon Brown provides some helpful practical tips on talking with non-Christians, and Dr. Horton shares some great ideas on how to improve your testimony  reminds us that when sharing our testimony, there’s only one date we really need to remember, and one reality we need to focus on.

(HINT: it’s not yours.)

Happy Reading!