The world-wide headquarters of White Horse Inn has just been informed that two of Dr. Horton’s books will be included in Zondervan’s “Zondervan Bible Reference Bundle” for Logos Bible Software which includes 63 Biblical and Theological volumes! The two volumes of Dr. Horton’s to be included are The Christian Faith and For Calvinism and these will have the full Logos Software functionality.

    Some of the benefits of Logos include the following:

  • All Scripture references are linked to English translations, like the NIV, and Greek and Hebrew texts.
  • All cross-references are also linked, which means clicking the citation takes the user to the source.
  • When a user copies and pastes a reference into a sermon handout or an academic paper, citations are automatically generated using the user’s preferred style guide.
  • When commentaries are lined up side-by-side with the text of the Bible, everything scrolls together in-sync.
  • Logos also provides advanced search functionality with the Passage Guide, which acts as a digital research assistant, finding and organizing content from commentaries and reference books on the text a user is studying.

To learn more about this bundle and its features check out the Logos description page.