The new Modern Reformation is hot off the press, and is already generating conversation – John Wilson at Books and Culture sent out the weekly e-newsletter with this little tidbit:

“In my mailbox at the office this morning, I found a copy of the new-look Modern Reformation, celebrating the magazine’s 20th anniversary. Congratulations are definitely in order. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (I’ll do that on the weekend), but on a quick scan of the contents I noticed a piece titled “Luther on Freedom and Bondage of the Will,” an essay by Mark Galli (“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Why Evangelicals Need the Young, Restless, and Reformed”), and—closely connected with Mark’s piece—Michael Horton interviewing Collin Hansen. That’s a pretty inviting menu right there. (The cover story, wittily titled “Dead Men Can’t Dance” and wittily illustrated, too, features this callout: “When tested against the biblical standard, Arminianism displays a faulty anthropology. It frequently attributes to unbelievers spiritual abilities they do not possess.” Oh dear. No matter how you dress it up, it’s the same old wheeze. And they put it on the cover! Maybe I’ll skip that article.)”

Here’s to another twenty sinners of sinners gasping the good news of Christ’s all-sufficient work on the cross!