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Entries for December, 2011

WHI-1078 | The Messiah (Part 1)

For the past year, White Horse Inn hosts have been exploring the theme of The Great Commission, and throughout this series they’ve not only focused on Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations,” but also on the importance of understanding the message that is to be taken. And that message is not about us, our transformation, or self-improvement program, but rather about Christ and his mission of redemption. In this program, the hosts will begin a four-part series exploring this theme of Christ’s messianic mission as it unfolds throughout the Old Testament Scriptures.

Q&A with Horton | Loving our Neighbors and Evangelism

In the last of this series Dr. Horton relates the Gospel, the Great Commission, and the Second Great Commandment.

Q&A with Horton | Christians and the World

How are Christians to relate to the world? This is a very important and very practical question since all Christians who are still part of the church militant here on earth are living in the world. Dr. Horton discusses the similarities and differences between Christians and non-Christians in this next video installment.

Wardrobe Malfunction

I don’t think this is what Handel envisioned:  

Q&A with Horton | Eschatology and Politics

Has particular end-times understandings affected U.S. foreign policy? Dr. Horton dicusses in this next video in his Christianity & Politics series.