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Entries for December, 2011

WHI-1080 | The Messiah (Part 3)

On this program, the hosts continue walking through the messianic story of redemption as it unfolds throughout the Old Testament. On this broadcast, the focus of the discussion primarily centers on the book of Exodus and Moses’ leading of the people of Israel to the Promised Land.

Christ and Culture Once More

In his blog yesterday (12.16.11) Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, suggested that there has been a lot of helpful conversation about Christ and culture in the last year. I agree, although the caricatures continue unabated and, with it, continued polarization. “On the surface,” Tim writes, “the Reformed and evangelical […]

Horton on Christ the Center concerning Union with Christ

Recently Dr. Horton was invited on the Christ the Center podcast with the Reformed Forum to discuss “Union with Christ” in response to Dr. Lane Tipton. To read more click here. To listen to the interview the audio is below:

Marriage, Church Membership, and the Gnostic Spring

What do the latest findings on marriage in America have to do with trends in church life? Plenty. Yesterday the Pew Research Center released its findings on the “obsolescence” of the marriage institution. Here are some of the notable stats: 1960: 72% of America’s adults were married; Today: 52% 1960: two-thirds of America’s twenty-somethings were […]

Need a last minute Christmas Gift Idea?

Did you know that the WHI store has electronic gift certificates that you can send to that WHI nut on your Christmas list? Does that “person-who-has-everything” on your list have the WHI Pilot episode or the famous Robert Shuller interview? With a gift certificate they can purchase these classic WHI episodes along with dozens more […]

Join us for Parenting in the Power of the Gospel!

Tomorrow night, we’re pleased to host Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter Jessica Thompson, coauthors of the book, Give Them Grace, for a special KPRZ Listeners’ Event at Westminster Seminary California. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Mike Horton, Elyse, and Jessica will begin their conversation on Gospel-driven parenting at 7:00 pm. Their conversation will be taped […]

WHI-1079 | The Messiah (Part 2)

Some may be able to write the gospel on a dime, but God progressively revealed it over a thousand years in an unfolding drama throughout the pages of sixty-six books. On this edition of the program, the hosts continue to explore Christ’s messianic mission as it is announced throughout the Old Testament Scriptures. In this episode, they are continuing their discussion of the book of Genesis.

LIBERATE Conference 2012

In February 2012 Drs. Horton and Rosenbladt will be joining a great line-up of speakers at this year’s LIBERATE Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. To learn more about the conference they have posted this video: Liberate Conference from Coral Ridge on Vimeo.

Is Your Pastor a Chaplain or a CEO?

Over at Christianity Today Mark Galli takes a look the various “models” of pastors in America today and encourgages us to recover the pastor who has “care over hurting souls”–the chaplain type. A chaplain is a minister in the service of another. A chaplain at a hospital or in the military is clearly not the […]

Horton in Christianity Today

As the Christmas season kicks into high gear we cannot lose sight of the wonderful gift God gave to his people in the Incarnate Word of God–Jesus Christ. Dr. Horton has an article in Christianity Today discussing why we need Jesus to have come, in the flesh, in real time and space. Click here to […]