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Entries for December, 2011

Book of the Year

We’re pleased to announce that Mike Horton’s systematic theology, The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way (Zondervan), was awarded Christianity Today’s book of the year award in the category of theology/ethics. The judges’ assessment of the book: “Averting his gaze from the kind of popular evangelicalism that is nondenominational in style and never […]

Predictable Laws and Lucky Breaks: How Not To be a Control Freak in 2012

As the First World War pressed on, Greece’s King Constantine and his son, the Crown Prince, insisted upon neutrality.  A younger son, Alexander, openly favored siding with Britain, France, and the U.S. against Germany.  Deposed by the Allied Powers, Constantine and his eldest son had to yield succession to twenty-something Alexander. As Alexander’s reign began, […]

WHI-1081 | The Messiah (Part 4)

Each year at Christmas in countless churches throughout the world, Christians focus with renewed attention on the birth of the Messiah. But what was the mission of this Messiah, and where can this story be found in the Old Testament? On this program, the hosts wrap up their discussion of Christ’s redemptive mission to seek and save the lost as it is unpacked throughout the Old Testament. And on this episode in particular, they walk through messianic prophecies from the Pentateuch through the writings of the prophets.

Immanuel: God With Us

Christmas is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time for sentimentality. It’s a time for returning to the greatest story ever told, yet precisely because of its magnitude in our history, tall tales attach themselves to the divine drama like sea mussels to the hull of a ship. In this situation, “God With […]

T. S. Eliot reads “Journey of the Magi”

Are We Required to Attend Church on Sunday?

The very fact that we have to address this question, even in evangelical circles, demonstrates the true measure of the church’s worldliness. It is not a superstitious attachment to days, but respect for the Lord’s generous service to us, that gives us one day in seven to be swept into the drama of redemption. When […]

Don’t Forget White Horse Inn!

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Christopher Hitchens: a testimony to the Creator

Our friend and frequent contributor to Modern Reformation magazine has a great reflection on the death of Christopher Hitchens at his Old Life blog today. From his conclusion: Whatever these figures might say about God as redeemer, they do testify in important ways about God as creator, making is appropriate for Christians to give thanks […]

Christianless Churches

Michael Horton’s phrase, “Christless Christianity” gets a lot of play in our blog, magazine, and radio program. One of the more timely evidences of the problem will be on full display this Sunday, December 25th. We’re already hearing reports of churches that after offering a slew of programming on Christmas Eve will shut their doors […]

LIBERATE Conference Special–Today Only!

The LIBERATE Conference organizers have announced that they will be offering a second chance to buy one LIBERATE conference ticket and get the second one half off today Wednesday, December 21. More information is available on their website www.liberateconference.com. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear Mike, Rod and friends!