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Entries for April, 2011

Seized by Secularism

Like Europe, the United States has now been “seized by secularism,” Newt Gingrich warned at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday. As evidence of the replacement of Christianity with secularism, the former House Speaker cited the following: replacing Anno Domini (A.D.) with the Common Era (C.E.), banning school prayer, striking out “one nation under […]

Modern Reformation Preview

The May/June issue of Modern Reformation is almost here! This new issue, entitled “Embassy of Grace,” is packed with thought-provoking articles, Bible studies, and book reviews. Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming up: Features The Ministry of Reconciliation: Embassy of Grace: Like an embassy in a foreign country, the church is a safe haven for […]

WHI-1046 | Proclaiming the Cross & Resurrection

On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts take a look at the conversion of St. Paul and the numerous sermons that he and others preached from Acts 9 through 17. In all of these sermons, the message appears to be the same. The focus is Christ-centered, and the emphasis in particular is on his sacrificial death and resurrection from the dead. The hosts also discuss the different tactical approaches that Paul uses in a Gentile context as he delivers his famous Mars Hill address in Athens, Greece.

Risen Indeed!

Every Easter affords fresh opportunities for national news magazines to take up the question of Jesus’s resurrection. It’s difficult to point with any firmness to a “consensus” in Jesus scholarship any more than in other studies. Nevertheless, even liberals recognize (and lament) a trend in New Testament scholarship away from many of the “assured results” […]

The Mediator is the Message

Is the Christ in which the church has put its faith the same person as the Jesus who really lived? Some theologians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have said “No.” They claim that the real “Jesus of History” differs greatly from the church’s “Christ of Faith.” Some make this pronouncement with glee. So much […]

Tullian on The Gospel Commission

Mike Horton’s new book, The Gospel Commission, which rounds out his three book series that started with Christless Christianity, is now available. Last week Tullian Tchividjian pointed out one of the important points Mike makes in the book: Mike’s excellent point is one that I’ve made time and time again. Namely, that imperatives – indicatives […]

Piety vs. Pietism / Confessional vs. Confessionalism

One of the great things about movements is that they can bring together people from diverse backgrounds for a common cause. One of the dangerous things about movements is that they can create artificial positions that undermine the integrity of institutions that have grown organically through the years. In recent discussions, especially in the blogosphere, […]

WHI-1045 | Stricken, Smitten & Afflicted

Continuing their series through the book of Acts, the hosts arrive at chapter 8 where they find Philip talking with an Ethiopian about the meaning of Isaiah 53, which says in part, “All we like sheep have gone astray, each of us to his own way, and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” Like Philip, the hosts take this opportunity to walk through the text of the original prophecy, showing how the Servant Songs of Isaiah are ultimately fulfilled in the gospel of Jesus Christ. White Horse Inn: know what you believe and why you believe it.

How is He changing me?

One of the more embarrassing campfire ditties I sang way back when went a little like this: He’s changing me, my precious Jesus I’m not the same person that I used to be Sometimes it’s slow-going, but there’s a knowing That one day perfect I will be! When it comes to our progress in the […]

Mike Horton on Rob Bell with Tony Jones

On Sunday afternoon, Mike Horton was a special guest on the Doug Pagitt Radio program in Minneapolis on AM950. The show’s guest host that day was Tony Jones, who works with Doug at Solomon’s Porch, an emergent church. Mike had referenced a book by Tony in a March WHI blog post on the internet and […]