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Entries for November, 2010

Justified: a preview of Mike Horton’s chapter

Justified: Modern Reformation Essays on the Doctrine of Justification will be available for purchase in one week. You can pick up the very first copies at a significant discount at the White Horse Inn booth at the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (November 17-19, 2010). We got some nice pre-press last week […]

WHI-1022 | The Parables of Jesus (Part 5)

Jesus taught that a person is not worthy of being his disciple unless that person hates his father and mother. In fact, he goes on to say that a disciple of his must also “hate his own life.” On this program, the hosts will take a look at texts such as this as they discuss parables of costly discipleship in their continuing series through the Parables of Jesus.

They’re Reading MR, Are You?

The November/December 2010 issue of Modern Reformation is now available! Two of our authors are already hitting the airwaves to talk about their articles. Both Michael Horton and Ken Samples were interviewed by the good folks at Issues, Etc. recently. We’ve posted the interviews here along with a link to their articles. Mike Horton on […]

A Lausanne Call for a Second Reformation

Recently The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization was in Cape Town, South Africa with 4,000 participants representing almost 200 countries across the globe. One of the speakers at this event was Chris Wright, the international director of Langham Partnership International (John Stott Ministries) and the author of The Mission of God. Dr. Horton spoke […]

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

I was recently looking at the (very long and detailed) bio page of a pastor of a large church in the Midwest. As I was reading, this struck me as being interesting: In the eight years that Dr. ____ has been its pastor, the First _____ Church of _____ has seen amazing growth, with the […]

Dad Rod Thursdays – 2009 Apologetics Symposium

In 2009 Dr. Rosenbladt and Craig Parton, Esq. visited a church in Tomball, Texas to deliver a series of presentations focusing on subjects of Christian apologetics. If you’re at all interested in learning more about how one approaches a reasoned defense of the Christian faith, using facts surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus […]

Election Post Mortem

How will Christians respond to the Republican resurgence last night? Will the “culture war” rhetoric be amped up? One satirist has already posted on Twitter: “Apparently, contrary to the bumper sticker, God is a Republican.” In 1994, the last time Republicans won big in Congressional elections, Michael Horton sat down with William Bennett, Os Guinness, Jim […]

In Defense of Monotheopolies

In a recent radio broadcast, The Onion news correspondent Doyle Redland reported that US Circuit Court Judge Charles Elliot Schofield has “ordered God to break himself up into several less powerful deities.” saying that his “stranglehold” on the religious industry “is ‘blatantly anti-competitive’ and ‘in violation of anti-monopoly laws.’”  Redland was present at a press […]

Getting Perspective: the introduction to “Justified”

Justified, the new book from Modern Reformation, will be available for purchase the week of November 15th. If you’re going to the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (November 17-19), you can get some of the very first copies available by stopping by the White Horse Inn booth in the exhibit hall. Next week, […]

Reformation Day +1

The work of reformation doesn’t merely happen once a year. Much like D-Day + 1, there are mopping-up operations that must go on and sometimes rise to the level of a battle more than skirmish. The November-December issue of Modern Reformation is hot off the press, hitting mailboxes in the next few days. Inside you’ll […]