Dr. Rod RosenbladtLast April, Dr. Rosenbladt joined C. FitzSimons Allison, David Zahl and others to speak at the 3rd Annual Mockingbird Conference, titled Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom. You may know the crew over at the Mockingbird Blog from some of our prior blog posts. They offer a unique and fascinating take on contemporary media and icons through the perspective of the Christian faith and we always recommend you take a look.

Here is a short description they offer about their 2010 Conference:

Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom are three words which carry enormous weight and power. They color our relationships (to put it mildly), they drive our decision-making, they inform many/most of our problems. And that’s just a start. This Spring in NYC we explored what Christianity has to say about these three deeply important realities, their dynamics and their implications. In other words, we looked at the mechanics of change (and the lack thereof) – personally, culturally and most crucial, theologically.

In this case, their 2010 Conference produced another great resource of Christ-centered preaching and teaching. They have made the recordings from their conference available for free on their website. On this “Dad Rod Thursday” we can’t help but recommend this free resource to you.

Finally, last week, we recommended that you listen to or read Dr. Rosenbladt’s The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church, now available for FREE. Don’t miss it!