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Entries for June, 2010

The Wide Spectrum of Evangelicalism

White Horse Inn producer Shane Rosenthal this week is at the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. Here’s a pic from the convention that really illustrates the wide spectrum of Evangelicalism.

WHI-1003 | Corroborating Evidence

If Jesus was a real historical individual, then do we have any confirming evidence for his life and ministry from sources outside the New Testament? Some point to the writings of Josephus, but isn’t it true that his famous passage about Jesus was proven to be a fabrication? Interacting with the hosts on this topic is historian Paul L. Maier, author of In The Fullness of Time, and editor of Josephus: The Essential Works.

Tragic Church Signs

Welcome to a new segment on the White Horse Inn blog: “Tragic Church Signs.” The first installment comes courtesy of the comment string in a recent MockingbirdNYC blog post. If you’ve seen a Tragic Church Sign, send it in!

Video Posted: Horton at Saddleback

AN UPDATE FROM MIKE HORTON: I had a great time at the Lausanne “Global Conversation” held at Saddleback Church and hosted by its pastor, Rick Warren.  It was a privilege to be part of a distinguished panel of evangelical leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Before the panel discussion, Rick Warren interviewed me for […]

WHI-1002 | Jesus & Modern Scholarship

Can we trust the New Testament portrait of Jesus, or is the Jesus of history radically different from the Jesus of faith? What are we to think of scholars like Bart Ehrman who suggest that Jesus has been “misquoted,” and that the Bible has significantly changed over time? Joining the panel for this discussion is New Testament scholar Craig A. Evans, author of Reinventing Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort the Gospels, and the Holman QuickSource Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Listen Live to Horton at Ligonier

Ligonier Ministries National Conference is in full swing. If you’re in Orlando for the conference, stop by the White Horse Inn booth and say hello to Michele Tedrick, our director of marketing, and Michael Kiledjian, our director of development.  Michele is giving away an iPad this weekend, so be sure to sign up for that! […]

WHI Interviews Tullian Tchividjian

Back at the end of May, Justin Taylor posted an interview with Tullian Tchividjian, the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, on his new book, Surprised by Grace. Last week, Mike Horton interviewed Tullian for an upcoming episode of White Horse Inn. Here’s a preview of that interview along with the interview Justin conducted below. […]

WHI-1001 | Understanding Biblical Criticism

Some today are arguing that the New Testament is so full of transmission errors and scribal additions that it cannot be trusted. But is this really the case? Has the Bible been copied so many times that it is basically unreliable? On this edition of White Horse Inn the hosts discuss this issue with New Testament textual critic Philip W. Comfort, author of Encountering the Manuscripts and editor of The Origin of the Bible.


Last night Mike Horton participated in the Lausanne Movement’s “12 Cities 12 Conversations” gathering at Saddleback Church. This is the second conversation Mike participated in; the first was at Fuller Seminary. The Lausanne Movement’s worldwide congress on missions is to be held in Cape Town, South Africa this October. These conversations are leading up to […]

Horton in NYC this Summer

Join Mike Horton, James White, Voddie Baucham, and others at the John 10:16 Conference in New York City, August 4-5, 2011. You only have two more days to register at the early bird rate of $89. Get 10 or more people to come and you can qualify for a group discount. Pastors, missionaries, students, and […]