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Entries for August, 2009

WHI-960 | The Experience Economy

There is a new trend in the business world. Offer your customers rich experiences, and they’ll keep coming back. But is this a good model for churches to adopt? On this edition of the White Horse Inn Michael Horton talks with business writer James Gilmore about his books, The Experience Economy, and Authenticity.

On the Nature of Faith

One of the most difficult things about Christianity is that it completely contradicts the natural order of things. Consider, for instance, what we think about winning, success, and life: they all go together in our minds! Sadly, too many “talks” masquerading as Christian sermons in even Reformation-minded churches confirm us in our innate desire for […]

Horton at Gordon-Conwell This October

Mike Horton will give a plenary address, “Rediscovering the Church after Evangelicalism,” at the Renewing the Evangelical Mission conference honoring David Wells this October at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary outside Boston. The conference will be October 13-15 (Horton to speak the afternoon of the 15th). Early registration ends September 4th.  Other speakers include Os Guiness, Bruce […]

Wright Wednesdays: part 2

[We’re continuing with Mike Horton’s review of N. T. Wright’s Justification.] Justification and God’s Single Plan: The Covenant and History According to Wright, “Paul’s doctrine of justification is the place where four themes meet, which Piper, and others like him, have managed to ignore or sideline.”  “First, Paul’s doctrine of justification is about the work […]

3 Events / 3 Cities / 3 Opportunities

We have 3 events, 3 cities, and 3 opportunities for you to join the conversation to “know what you believe and why you believe it.” Please visit the links provided for more detailed information, or to register for the specific event. 2009 Ligonier Seattle Conference and Pacific Northwest Cruise Mike Horton will be joining R. C. […]

WHI-959 | The Future of Anglicanism

On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton talks with Dr. David Virtue about his efforts to promote a new Global Orthodox Anglicanism in the midst of widespread liberalism. Later in the broadcast, Dr. Horton talks with retired Episcopal Bishop C. FitzSimons Allison about the problem of Pelagianism and the crucial importance of recovering the doctrines of justification and imputation in our time.

The Tyranny of the Church

Commenting on 1 Peter 5:3, where the apostle Peter charges the elders to exercise their ministry by “not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock,” Ed Clowney writes, The elder has authority; he is called to exercise a shepherd’s oversight. Christ the Chief Shepherd (5:4) has called him to exercise […]

Another Two Kingdoms Perspective

We’re grateful to Kevin DeYoung for interacting a bit with our responses to his recent webpost comparing and contrasting the Two Kingdoms’ approach to church and politics with that of the neo-Kuyperians. Just to show that this Two Kingdoms stuff isn’t merely the domain of Reformation types, we thought the following report today from the […]

Wright Wednesdays

[Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting Mike Horton’s unpublished review/critique of N. T. Wright’s new book, Justification. Today, part 1, is an introduction.] For nearly three decades now, N. T. Wright has been stirring things up in New Testament studies.  Despite the persona of the champion of the New Perspective on Paul, Wright […]

More on Two Kingdoms

On Friday we posted a brief response to Kevin DeYoung’s concerns about the two-kingdoms doctrine. Today, we’re following up with another of our regular Modern Reformation contributors, Dr. Darryl Hart. Having Your Cake and Eating it Too Kevin DeYoung seems to see a tension between the two-kingdom and neo-Calvinist approaches to Christ and culture.  He […]